Best 10 Fidget Spinner Toys to Buy 2017

best fidget spinner toys

Fidget spinner toy not only gained good fame but respect as well over the last couple of months. They are becoming a must have tool as more and more people are becoming aware of them as they are not being used as a time killer only but to increase focus as well. In the students and teachers, it is getting more popularity. You can easily order it today online but we don’t want you to kill your time by searching around, wo we have made a list of the best fidget spinner toys here, so in a single glimpse, you can select the one you like.

1- Giggle Hands Fidget Spinner

fidget spinner

Giggle Hands fidget spinner has made to the top of our list because of all what it offers. After you spin it for one time, it can continue its motion for more than a minute. It features professional inline skate 608 bearing. The ball is made from ceramic and produces smooth and consistent rotation. It is the best spinner if you are about to use one for the first time as it is designed to produce motion without burdening your hand. It doesn’t need maintenance, oil or repair.

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2- GongFu Star Spinner Toy

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GongFu Star has entered the competition of making best fidget spinner and won the hearts of many customers till date. Their fidget spinner is constructed by using highest grade bearings. The spin time is also longer than many. In a single run, it can spin for 100 to 180 seconds. The latest version is stronger than the old ones. The size is ideal to fit in your hands.  It keeps spinning without tiring you.

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3- NOMAD Pro Q1

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NOMAD has earned the third place in our list because of its uniqueness. It is specially designed by the fidgeters for the fidgeters. It uses high quality stainless steel bearings and CNC milled Brass body. The spin time is awesome as well. In a single run, it gives your smooth five minutes plus run. When the fidget spinner is good, its therapeutic effects also enhance too many folds.

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4- Batman Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

This Linne fidget spinner is ideal for quitting all kinds of attention disorder issues. It helps people who want to quit smoking, nail biting, leg shaking and other similar conditions. It has a simple design that alleviates stress. It features ergonomic curved shape design that is good for long term use without tiring your hands. It is light weighted and small in size to easily put in the pocket.

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5- EDC High Speed Fidget Toy

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AMILIFE fidget spinner is ideal to use in every situation because it doesn’t make noise. It is small in size but offers big benefits. It is easy to carry and simple to use. It uses ceramic center bearing with resin material. This high quality fidget spinner is made by utilizing laser industrial molding technology. On average it can spin for 1-3 minutes in a single run. Overall, it is one good fidget spinner to go for.

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6- Omega Tri-Spinner

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This is another name in our list that you must have been familiar with. Fidgeters know them because of their high quality fidget spinner. Its design is good and feels amazing in hands. It easily kills your time without tiring your hands. Premium ceramic bearings are used in the construction of this spinner. You can easily place it in your pocket or bag because of its size.

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7- Balai Glowing Toy

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The next amazing fidget spinner in our list is from Balai. It is designed for kids as well as adults. The manufacturers have kept its corner smooth and round to protect your fingers while spinning. The design is great and quality is perfect.  No repair or maintenance is required ever. Just unbox it and start spinning. In the daytime, it is of grey color and it glows green when there is no light. Its luminosity increases its effectiveness even at night.

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8- New Style Hand Spinner

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The name is Anti spinner but the function is not. This fidget spinner is made by using high quality alloy to provide increase life time to the product. This hand spinner is very easy to carry and can be placed in the pocket as well. You can take it wherever you like. It is simple in design but amazing in performance. Its distinction makes it ideal for EDC, ADD, ADHD and other related problems. It is also a perfect solution to your boredom.

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9- Zekpro 360 Spinner

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Zekpro has made to our list because of its amazing design and super quality fidget spinner. It feels smooth in hands and doesn’t tire you. Because of its perfect size, you can put it in your pocket or purse. High quality material is used to make this spinner your concentrating time colleague. It will surely satisfy you and release your stress, or else the company will pay you your money back.

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10- Rainbow Toy

Fidget Spinner

Finger Spinner is the last company that we want to introduce to you. It produces some great products and this fidget spinner is one of them. This toy is constructed by using zinc alloy. The design is quite simple and feels good in hands. It doesn’t seem heavy and spins great. No matter whether you want it to quit smoking or for your attention deficit disorder, this fidget spinner can become your perfect companion.

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Final Verdict

Using fidget spinner is a simple yet fascinating way to improve your concentration. It can also be utilized for quitting bad habits like smoking, nail biting, etc. The major benefit here is that its treatment doesn’t come with any side effects. We have provided you with the list here, no matter which one you select, it will serve the purpose of making you feel comfortable. In the whole list, NOMAD fidget spinner is our personal favorite because of the increased spinning time than others. In quality, Giggle Hands is the best.







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