Best Huawei Honor 9 Cases and Accessories 2017

honor 9 cases

Almost everyone now owns a mobile phone but not everyone is using case to protect their phone. cases can add uniqueness to your phone , help your phone to become scratch-free and serve as your phone’s protection . so many companies have offered the protective cases in the market. To minimize your search, we have made the list of best Honor 9 Cases that you can buy now from Amazon and some other recommended retailers.

1- KuGi Huawei Honor 9 Cases

Honor 9 Cases

The KuGi Huawei Honor 9 Case was made specifically for Honor 9 phones. It is very light that once you put it in your phone, you won’t even feel its additional weight. This is one of those Honor 9 cases that are made of carbon fiber materials hence you can trust its durability. Once you put it in, you can still access your phone’s function buttons including the charger port without needing to remove the case.

For your Honor 9’s protection against scratch and dents, the KuGi Huawei Honor 9 Case is what you need.

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2- Slim Honor 9 Cover

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The AICEK Black uawei Honor 9 Case offers 360 degree protection to Honor 9 phone once put in. this case doesn’t just protect your phone from scratches and dents, it also protects it in case it falls. This case comes with coner-shock absorbing cushions to keep your phone impact-protected in case it drops.

While the AICEK Black uawei Honor 9 Case protects your phone, you can freely access your phone’s function button without needing to remove the case.  The body of this case was made stylish to compliment the stylish design of Honor 9. The best thing about this case is the warranty and money back guarantee that AICEK offers.

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3- Clear Case

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Simpeak Huawei Honor 9 Case is one of those Honor 9 cases that really fits the Honor 9 phone. It is transparent to keep the beauty of Honor 9 visible while keeping it protected. While in place, you can still access all of your phone’s function port because the cut of this transparent case is very precise to the design of Honor 9.

The Simpeak Huawei Honor 9 Case weighs 18g and has a thickness of 1.2mm. Even if with this case on, you can still put your phone in your pocket and wouldn’t notice any change in its weight or bulk. This transparent case if made of anti-UV TPU material.

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4- Honor 9 Wallet Case

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SLEO now comes with a newer case for Honor 9 with their improved Huawei Honor 9 Case. This new case now comes with better cutouts that fits the Honor 9 well. Even with the case on, you can now access your phone’s buttons easily.

The outside part of the SLEO Huawei Honor 9 Case is made of leather while the inside part is made of Soft TPU material. Inside is a built in card pocket where you can put IDs and cards as needed.

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5- Huawei Honor 9 Kickstand Case

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For the 5.15” screen of your Honor 9, make sure to keep it protected with an EIISSION Huawei Honor 9 Case. This front and back protection can keep your phone safe from scratches, fingerprints, bumps, and dirt. This case comes with a built-in stand, something that I preferred because my kid always love watching on my phone.

The EIISSION Huawei Honor 9 Case is made of flexible silicone materials and manganese steel for added durability while keeping it soft to protect your phone’s screen.

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6- Transparent Case

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One of the Honor 9 cases that I can recommend because it is a good choice for protection is the EJBOTH Huawei Honor 9 Case. This form-fitted case for Honor 9 provides full protection as there are no gaps between the phone and the case. Once you put this case on, there is no need to remove it because you can still access your phone’s function buttons, including the charging port with it.

The EJBOTH Huawei Honor 9 Case gives a solid feel on the phone once put in and it doesn’t affect the actual stylish look of the phone. The price is also competitive, considering the benefits that comes with it.

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7- Clear Thin Case

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If you want to keep your Honor 9 protected without tampering its natural beauty, you can have an AICEK Huawei Transparent Honor 9 Case. This is one of the Honor 9 cases out there that stand out because it is affordable, durable and easy to use.

The AICEK Huawei Transparent Honor 9 Case comes with dotted buffer design for better heat dissipation and has slim design. With this case on, you won’t have to worry about dents and scratches that might come to your phone’s back side.

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8- SLEO Huawei Honor 9 Wallet Cover

huawei Honor 9 accessoriesFor total protection of your Honor 9, you can opt to have the SLEO Huawei Honor 9 Flip Case. This case will not just protect the back part of your phone, it will keep the screen protected as well especially when the phone is not in use.

The SLEO Huawei Honor 9 Flip Case is made of hard PC shell material that protects the phone from impact in case of being dropped making it one of the highly reliable and most durable Honor 9 cases in the market today. With this Honor 9 case, your phone is not just protected, it also remains stylish. As a bonus, you can keep your cards in the card slot inside of this flip cover.

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9- Momor Case

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The Momor Huawei Honor 9 Case is very durable and provides more grip to prevent phone from sliding and falling. The cut of this case allows all sides of the Honor 9 to be protected, making it a bit bulky once put in.

The main part of the Momor Huawei Honor 9 Case is made of plastic hence once you put it in, using the phone’s buttons is a bit hard. For most customers who got their Momor Case, they are satisfied with its price and quality.

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10- EIISSION Flip Case

Honor 9 cover

The EIISSION Huawei Honor Flip Case is one of the best Honor 9 cases for me because of the complete protection offers and its adjustable stand. Since I love watching from the 5.15 screen of my Honor phone, it is an advantage that it comes with a stand.

The EIISSION Huawei Honor Flip Case protects both sides of the Honor 9 (back and screen part). When in place, it doesn’t affect the function buttons of the phone although it adds to the size of the phone which I don’t mind much. I always put my phone on my bag anyway.

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Final Verdict

The Honor 9 has a very slick design with a smooth body that often slides out of my hand. The 5.15 screen is also great for watching videos and playing games hence I wanted to keep it dent free and scratch free all the time. For my phone, I chose the SLEO Huawei Honor 9 Flip Case because although it is bulky, it offers all the protection I need for my phone. For users who want basic protection though without affecting the design of their phone, the EJBOTH Transparent Huawei Honor 9 Case would do.









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