Best 10 HTC U Ultra Cases and Covers 2017

htc u ultra cases

HTC U Ultra is not just a phone; it’s a 5.7″ screen phablet that provides you large screen to enjoy your day to day activities.  It has sophisticated liquid surface plus next generation intelligence with the price tag of over $749. With that much investment, surely you won’t ever leave your phone unprotected. Many HTC U Ultra cases have been emerged in the market after its launch. We have made the list of top HTC U Ultra cases so you don’t have to search.

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1- Spigen Rugged Armor Case

 htc u ultra cases

Spigen always make to the top because of the quality it provides. This beautiful case features carbon fiber texture and glossy accents. To absorb heavy shocks, the interior uses flexible TPU layer having spider web pattern. The screen remains scratch free thanks to the raised lips around the screen. All the button and ports are fully accessible.  This HTC U Ultra case has perfect design providing optimum protection.

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2- HTC U Ultra Cases from Helianton

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All the qualities you are looking in a screen protector can be found in this case. This cover is dust proof, wear resistant, dustproof, anti-slip, and anti-fingerprint. It has a slim design that doesn’t add bulk to the phablet. The case feels comfortable in hands and looks great and stylish. It protects the phone from every corner. It can be great addition to your HTC U Ultra.

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3- SPARIN Soft TPU Case

HTC U Ultra Cases

Next in our list is Sparin TPU case. It has a smooth feel but provides rigid protection. The case fits perfectly over your HTC U Ultra and all the buttons and cutouts are fully accessible. If you want to showcase the original color of your phone, then go for this transparent crystal clear case. The edges are rounded to give ideal grip that provides anti slip properties to the phone. The case is 2mm thick and keeps your phone away from scratches.

4- LK Cover

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LK is known for making ultra-thin covers and thus, it made to our list for the same reason. This case is extremely thin and provides full protection without adding bulk to the phone. High quality TPU material is used that makes the case flexible and tough. It protects your phone from every corner and keeps it safe in case of drops and falls. It may seem plastic, but it doesn’t smell like one. Buttons are designed in a way that they give you the feel of your phone. The case has anti-slip grip with raised lips around the corners.

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5- CircleMalls Hybrid Case

htc u ultra cases

If you like to give the metallic look to your phone, then go for this CircleMalls’ hybrid case. It has the inner tough TPU layer with outer stiff metallic shell. This double layer protection keeps your phone protected during shocks, drops and falls. This case covers the phone fully but leaves proper spaces for the camera, speakers, ports, etc. It is very easy to install this case. It comes with the stylus and premium screen protector, who needs more than that.

6- Vinve Hard Cover

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Vinve produces heavy duty tough cases, and this HTC U Ultra case is one of them. The case is made by using high-quality PC raw material that cannot be broken off that easily. This strong case fits perfectly over your phone. All of its ports and controls are highly functional with this case on. Whether you are worried about day to day scratches, or accidental falls, this case provides protection in all. It comes with the stand as well to allow hand free viewing.

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7- Nillkin Thin Case

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Nillkin has earned the spot in our list due to its slim design and perfect style. It is the ideal fit and leaves all the buttons and cutouts fully functional. There are no slip points that provide good grip. The case is easy to clean with its anti-fingerprints and anti-dust properties. Top quality polycarbonate is used as its prime material. This case feels comfortable in hands.

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8- CircleMalls Holster

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Circlemall has gained another place in the list due to its efficient designing and perfect protection. The case is easy to install and fits ideally. All the buttons and ports are accessible with ease. It has passed the drop test and proved itself as the tough protector during drops and shocks. Along with its quality features, Circlemall offers a stylus pen and a screen protector.

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9- Wellci Case for HTC U Ultra

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Wellic Ultra Slim folio style flip cover is perfect for you if you want all your precious belongings in a single place. Although, it has a place to carry your credit card; but, it doesn’t add bulk to your pocket. The only weight you feel with this case on is of your phone. All the buttons, cameras and ports are fully accessible and easy to use. It is non-magnetic; thus, you don’t get any interruption in signals.

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10- Starshop Duty Cover

htc u ultra cases

Starshop is the last but not the least cover maker in our list. They make special HTC U Ultra cases that keep your phone in every adverse condition. It has a hard polycarbonate plastic inner shell with outer silicone layer. This dual covering enhances protection and keeps the phone safe inside. It features premium HD screen protector as well that makes the screen scratch free without affecting its sensitivity. It is easy to install and available in different colors so you can select the one that suits you best.

Final Verdict

We have provided you with the list of the best HTC U Ultra cases. It is important to own one so select the one that suits your style. In functioning and protection, they all are equal. Our personal favorite is SPARIN case because it doesn’t hide the original beauty of the phone. On the second place, LK comes because of its simple design but enhanced protection. Overall, you can go for anyone you like the best.




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