Best LG K10 Cases and Covers 2017

If you are searching for the best LG K10 case, Here is the best 10 LG K10 cases which provide both safety and elegance to this phone.
lg k10 cases and covers

In the field of cellphones, LG is known for making reliable products for its consumers, LG K10 is one of them. To maintain the style and increase the lifetime, many well-known companies have introduced LG K10 case s which provide both safety and elegance to this phone.

1- LG K10 Armor Case

If you are searching for the best LG K10 case, then look no further as Aegis Series case from Covrware provides you exactly what you need for your cellphone. Accurate cutting of holes makes it perfectly sit on phone without any trouble. Its non-slippery surface gives great grip in hands. Double layering inside this case protects phone from any dropping incident. It also comes with built-in screen protector to keep it safe from scratches. Belt clip on the back of the cover keeps your hands vacant while going out.

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2- LG K10 Case

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Another great product which can become your ultimate source of relieve is this case from Skylmw. This LG K10 case is super trustworthy that even kids can’t damage your phone with every actual or accidental drop. Every hole has been cut very precisely which let your phone function properly without causing troubles. Being light in weight makes it comfortable to hold as well as keeping in pocket or bag etc.

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3- INNOVAA Smart Grid Defender Armor Case

lg k10 case

The next product in our list is no stranger in providing satisfying results to its consumer. The layer of this LG K10 cover is made up of silicone and polycarbonate. Combined together, these two make it a good shock absorbing case. The cover keeps screen protected from scratches.    Slightly raised lips don’t let the screen to touch the surface. Air Space Cushion Technology makes it even more smarter and efficient product to use. Cutout of this case fits nicely on outer features of your phone and makes them easily operational.

4- Zizo Bolt SeriesCover

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If you are not satisfied with your old LG K10 case, then we will highly recommend this case to you as it is the best thing you can find for it.  “Military Standard 810G Drop Test Certified,” what else we can say about this product? Double protective layering made up of polycarbonate and polyurethane rubber along with tempered glass screen to keep phone’s screen safe from outer damages. Both layers make it shock proof. It keeps your phone well protected even if it falls down. Kickstand supports and makes the screen adjustable and easily viewable in whatever position you like. These covers are available in ten various colors to choose from. Each rich and trendy color helps in reflecting consumer’s style statement.

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5- Wydan Hybrid Phone Case

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If you are searching for something classy and elegant then this case matches your desire. This brushed metal texture case gives complete transformation to your phone. It not only looks slim but it also feels thin in hands which gives it easy grip. It assembles accurately on phone and let outer features work smoothly. Being shock proof makes it more reliable and safe product to have even for young ones. Attractive colors complement your style statement and give your phone an eye catching look.

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6- COVRWARE Iron Tank Series Case

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Covrware has made to our list again because they have made this LG K10 cover highly irresistible. It beautifully complements your phone without tempering its look.  Brushed metal texture gives it defining elegance while polycarbonate layering provides protection against hits and shocks and keeps your phone well-protected. The designing of this case keeps all sides of your phone safe. Front covering along with built-in protector prevent scratches from damaging the screen. Nicely cut out holes make outer features easily usable.

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7- Haihood Shockproof Case

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Next we added in our list for LG K10 case is this Haihood cover. The material used to make this product gives it non-slippery touch which gives it a fine grasp. Its light weight makes it more comfortable to carry your phone wherever you desire. Swivel Holster Clip can rotate up to 180 degree and gives defined view of screen.

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8- CircleMalls Super Guard Case

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Stylish, protective and easy to use, these three qualities have made us to write about this LG K10 cover. It gives nice and easy grip to phone and provides it non-slippery touch. This cover is especially designed by keeping requirements of LG K10 in mind; hence, it is a perfect match for this phone. The “drop test” has proved that it won’t let any damages come to your phone. Also, this cover guards phone from dust and scratches.

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9- BLT Flexible Soft Case

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BLT has taken the place in our list because of the low price but high quality. This flexible soft case is great in providing protection to your phone and enhancing its beauty. It comes in many different colors and style to select from. It has a premium coating that lasts long. The texture feels soft and provides awesome grasp. It is made from anti-static silicone material that not only gives it comfortable touch but protects it from dust and scratches. In this price, no other case comes with that many qualities.

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10- RANZ Dual Layer Shockproof Case

lg k10 case

Ranz comes next in our list because of its decent design and premium quality LG K10 shockproof cover. This high quality case provides protection against dust and scratches. All cutouts are fine and provide full and easy functioning. It is easy to install and remove. It is extremely light weighted but gives full protection to your phone. The lips around the screen are slightly raised so that the screen doesn’t touch the surface and remains scratch free.

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Final Verdict:

We have made this list of the best LG K10 cover with great care. All the cases present in the list have high quality and outstanding protection. They are also ideal for the people who are looking for the unique design that suits their personality. Our personal favorite from the list is CircleMalls Super Guard Case because of its reliability and the power of protection. Covrware also makes some best cases in the world, that’s why it has appeared twice in our list.





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