Best 10 Redmi Note 4 Covers and Cases 2017


It has become part of new trend to use cellphone cover to showcase your style. Many types of cell phone covers are present in markets which though provide great looks but not quality. In smartphones covers, style and quality should be combined to make them more successful and appropriate accessory. A good case increases the life of the cellphone by keeping it well protected against dust, water and other damages. Like other phone cases, Redmi Note 4 covers are also available in the market to enhance protection of your favorite phone.

 1- CareFone Multicolor Back Cover

Redmi Note 4 cover

This product has made its way to our list because of its promising and satisfying results. This Redmi Note 4 case has decent fitting to keep the cellphone well protected from outer damages. Its availability in many other colors gives consumer a choice to pick, decorate, and protect their phone in their most favorite color. Overall, it becomes a great addition to your phone in sense of style as well.

2- Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Cover

Redmi Note 4 cover

If you are looking for a case to protect your Xiaomi phone, the Redmi Note 4 cover is something that you can seriously consider. What I like best about this cover is the slimness. It fits perfectly on my Note 4 without looking bulky. In addition, the case doesn’t interfere with the buttons and ports on my phone allowing me to charge it or use the headset on without removing the case. Why would I pick this Note 4 cover over a silicon case? The Xiaomi Note 4 Cover is made of TPU materials hence it offers more protection but is as soft as a silicone.

3- SmartBuy Back Cover

Redmi Note 4 case

Next in our list is SmartBuy Back Cover due to its quality assurance. It presents the life time print guarantee and showcases attractive exclusive design. When it’s in hand, it provides comfortable and non-slippery grip. Having finest print quality and appropriate fitting, it becomes the best Redmi Note 4 cover. It protects the cellphone from falls, drops, and harshness of environment very efficiently.

4- Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Transparent Case

Redmi Note 4 case

If you are looking for a Redmi Note 4 cover that can protect your phone without altering its natural shape and look, a transparent silicon case is what you need. Although it offers less protection than a hard cover case, a soft silicone case can still protect the back of your phone from scratches. Whenever we put our phone down, we lay it with the screen up hence the part that needs most protection is the back part and this is what this soft silicon case can do.  I always prefer this kind of phone cover because it is lighter when compared to other phone case types.

5- Affix Back Cover

Redmi Note 4 case

We added this product in our list because it has taken its customers by storm. Absolutely accurate cutting of holes makes it sit perfectly tight on the edges of Mi Redmi Note 4. It keeps the phone well protected even if it meets any dropping incident. Its classy design gives a complete new verge to your cellphone. Being lower in price as compared to others makes it affordable and a must to have Redmi Note 4 case.

6- Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Mercator Case

Redmi Note 4 cover

The Redmi Note 4 Mercator case is a premium looking case that never goes out of fashion. Women who loves to travel will definitely find this case eye-catching. One thing I like about this case is its smooth finish that adds to its premium look plus it is available in golden color which makes it more outstanding when compared to other dull looking cases. This Redmi Note 4 cover fits well with my Note 4 and since it is made of TPU material, it is very durable, a real worth for the money. This is a case and not a flip cover meaning it doesn’t protect the screen of your phone. If you are looking for a total protection, you will need a flip cover like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Flip Cover Case.

7- Mi Flip Cover

Redmi Note 4 cover

When it comes on discussing Redmi Note 4 cover, how can we leave behind such a reliable source of satisfaction? This product has transparent cover which makes it easy to use.  It fits nicely on cellphone and keeps it well protected from slipping out of the case. The flipping over feature provides protection to the screen.

8- Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Shock Proof Case

Redmi Note 4 cover

Since I have nieces and nephews who love watching on my phone, I always look for phone cover that offers optimum protection like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Shock Proof Case. Aside from protecting my phone from accidental fall whenever the kids play with it, it also comes with a kick stand allowing them to watch their videos without the need to hold it.  This Redmi Note 4 cover is made of shockproof material meaning in case it falls, the devastating effect to the phone is lessened. It is also dustproof and is available in black. With this cover, I am now more confident in lending my phone with my nieces and nephews.

9- CareFone Wallet Case Cover

Redmi Note 4 cover

A perfectly fine looking CareFone Wallet Case gives sophisticated look to your phone along with protection. It fits nicely on cellphone and keeps it safe from outer damages such as scratches, dust and water. The shiny surface leather material provides classy edge and keeps cell well protected from all around. It is also made from a washable material which makes it even more promising product.

10- Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Flip Cover

Redmi Note 4 cover

If you are looking for a full phone protection, from its back to its screen, a flip cover is highly recommended. This is something that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Flip Cover promises to its future owners. This flip cover can protect your phone from scratches without deterring your usage of any of its ports. It fits so well and it is extremely light as well. This flip cover for Redmi has shock absorbing sides hence you don’t have to worry much if you have kids around that wants to borrow your phone. Accidental fall’ damage is something that this cover can protect your phone from.


All these products which we have included in our list provide best quality and protection to your cellphone. These Redmi Note 4 covers not only look promising but they also offer great satisfaction to the users. We have short listed these outstanding items as they appear more efficient and reliable than other competitive products in the market.


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