Top 10 Sony Xperia XZS Cases

xperia xzs case

Xperia series from Sony has many renowned smartphones that are loved and appreciated by the users. Sony Xperia XZS is one of them. When the phone is announced, different case makers from all over the world have introduced their own Sony Xperia XZs accessories and covers. Some are unique in design while others are exceptional in protection. To ease your search and save your time, we have made a list of top Sony Xperia XZs cases. Have a look!

 1- Sony Xperia XZs Cover

Sony Xperia XZS Cases

Terrapin has earned the first place in our list due to its unique design and optimum protection. It covers your phone completely from the back. Protection to the screen is provided by adding lips to the case front. It keeps all the shocks, dents and scratches away. The cover is made from tough hard polycarbonate outer shell. The case is custom designed; thus, camera, speakers, ports and buttons are fully functional.  A powerful kickstand is also present for hand free viewing.

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2- Sony Xperia XZS cases

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Another case in our list is again from Terrapin. It has a slim design that doesn’t add bulk to your Xperia XZs. It is made from high quality TPU Gel. Its ideal fitting is its secret of perfect protection. All the cutouts allow complete accessibility to the respective features. The lips are raised around all the end points so your phone remains scratch free. Although the fitting is amazing; but among other Sony Xperia XZs cases, this cover is very easy to remove.

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3- SLEO Luxury Slim PU Leather

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If leather is your choice then this SLEO luxury case is for your Sony Xperia XZs. The outer covering is made from high quality PU leather that gives it’s a premium look. The inner covering is soft and built from TPU that absorbs shocks and keeps your phone safe. All the ports and cutouts make phone features highly accessible. This case provides protection to your phone from every angle. In the built-in pockets, you can place your cash and cards as well.

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4- Sony XZs Leather Case

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Terrapin is winning here with another case in the list. This time, it is offering something for leather lovers. It fits the phone well and makes it glow in the beautiful leather. Cameras, buttons and ports are fully accessible and provide hassle free functioning. It keeps the slim profile of the phone with providing optimum protection. It functions like a wallet as well with its card slots. The viewing stand is also present to allow hand free viewing.  A secure magnetic closure keeps your phone protected inside.

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5- Ringke Case for Sony XZs

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Another name in our list of Best Sony Xperia XZs cases is Ringke.  This transparent case is an exact fit to your phone without leaving any gaps. It flexible design and tough body efficiently absorb shocks and impacts of heat and cold. The design makes all the buttons and ports highly accessible. It feels comfortable in your hands. Even your sweat cant harm your phone when this case in on it. Overall, it is a good bargain to keep your phone protected in every possible way.

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6- Sony XZs Leather Case

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This case is made with the soft TPU material inside to provide cushion comfort to your phone. The outer layer is constructed by using high quality leather for the leather case lovers. All the cutouts for speakers, mics, cameras, buttons and ports are perfectly aligned to make these features fully functional. This stylish phone case has built in card slots as well.

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7- Terrapin Leather Case

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It’s again Terrapin! The quality it offers made us select it again and again. This Sony Xperia XZs case is made from genuine leather. It adds style and beauty to your phone. This classic looking case not only protects your phone but also keeps all your important bills and cards in a single place. It comes with the built in card slots and bill compartment. It has all the qualities of the perfect case like ideal fitting, complete functionality of the phone, and optimum protection.

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8- Terrapin Ultra Slim Fit Hybrid

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For Sony Xperia XZs, its Terrapin case again. If you like to have the case that feels soft in hands and provides perfect protection, then it is the cover for you. It is specially designed to protect your phone completely. Its anti-lint surface keeps your case clean and beautiful always. It fits ideally and protects extremely.

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9- Sony XZs Invisible Armor

Sony Xperia XZS Cases

When you don’t want to alter the beauty of your Xperia XZs but also wish to keep it protected, then go for this case from SS TECH. It uses the advanced shock absorbing and air cushioned 4 corners technologies for the protection of your phone. The case back is crystal clear that lets you showcase your phone at full. It is very light weighted and feels good in hands.

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10- Tempered Glass Screen Protector

sony xperia xzs tempered glassWhen you are looking forward to get the best protection for your Sony Xperia XZs screen, LK offers the best solution. It presents the tempered glass screen protector with the lifetime replacement warranty. This promotion is offered because LK is sure about the quality it is offering. It is constructed from the superior 9H tempered glass that protects the screen from scratches and dents. Also, it has an oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating that means your screen will remain free from oil and stains all the time. The installation is quiet easy and anyone can do it.

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Final Verdict

All the Sony Xperia XZs cases in our list are perfect to provide protection to your phone. Everyone in the list is awesome but Terrapin is our favorite as it can be seen. It provides cases that are complete in every sense. Terrapin Ultra Slim Fit Hybrid is our personal favorite.  In leather cases, SLEO Luxury Slim is our top choice.





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