Top 10 Best MacBook Air 13 inch Cases and Covers

Just bought MacBook Air 13″ and looking to protect it, we have the best MacBook Air cases, covers and accessories for you to choose from.
macbook air cases and covers

The 13 inches MacBook Air remains to be the most popular subnotebook computer produced by Apple. It is very sturdy and light and comes with a case made of machined aluminum case. The thing is, it is still better to have it protected with a good MacBook air case to keep it safe from scratches and from being wet. If you are looking for the best MacBook air 13 inch case, we have the best list for you.

1- AmazonBasics Laptop Case

For the best MacBook air case for the money, you can check this AmazonBasics Laptop Case that suits perfectly a 13 inches laptop. It is very thin and slim yet it can protect your mac from scratches especially if you are travelling. The good thing about this laptop cover is that it has the exact size you are looking for unlike other brands that comes with extra length. Your macbook air snugs perfectly inside it with no extra movement, giving your laptop more protection while on the go. This case is soft to touch inside and out as well and it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

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2- iBenzer Basic Soft-Touch Case

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iBenzer is been known for providing Apple product accessories and if you are looking for the best MacBook air 13 inch case to have, they also have it. The iBenzer Basic Soft-Touch Case that is available in different colors fits 13 inches MacBook perfectly while allowing users to have full access to all of its buttons. It means that you can charge or listen to your music with the headset on without the need to remove the case. With this MacBook air case on, you can now bring your MacBook anywhere without worrying about scratches. You can even allow your kid to play games on it because iBenzer Basic Soft-Touch Case is hard enough to protect it from crashes. This laptop cover doesn’t just provide case for your Air’s body, it also comes with silicon keyboard for added protection.

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3- Mosiso Plastic Case

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The next top case for MacBook air 13 inch case is the Mosiso Plastic Case. Why it is included in this list? The good price, good fit and availability in great colors are just among of the few reasons why this Mosiso product is in this list. The Mosiso Plastic Case is a total package as it comes with hard cover, screen protector and keyboard cover. It doesn’t just protect your MacBook’s body, it protects the entire laptop for you. Just be careful when placing the screen protector though, it might develop some bubbles on the screen if you don’t know how to do it. For a MacBook air case for your money, this Mosiso plastic case is what you need.

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4- Tomtoc 360° MacBook Sleeve

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A laptop cover aims to protect its content inside and out and this is what this Tomtoc MacBook air case offers. It comes with foam cushions inside that is shock absorbent, protecting your laptop from the worst possible impact. The sides or ridge of this cover are thick as well to give distance between your MacBook’s edge and the zipper, preventing any possible scratches when zipping it. In addition, this laptop cover comes with pocket in front, something that can be used for cables like chargers and headset.

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5- Kuzy Plastic Cover Shell

macbook air case

To keep your MacBook Air logo shining while keeping it protected, putting on a Kuzy plastic cover shell is all you need.  Being a known provider of accessories for Apple products, Kuzy now offers a soft and smooth plastic cover that shows the shining Apple logo on it because it is crystal clear. Although the plastic cover is hard, it is a mean to protect your laptop from scratches only, it doesn’t offer protection from falls. Still, since it is very light, this is one of the best protection you can have if you love travelling with your MacBook Air.

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6- KEC MacBook Plastic Case

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When it comes to choosing the best MacBook air case, you cannot go own without checking what KEC offers first. Available in different colors, this durable and lightweight laptop case will keep your MacBook easier to carry around without worries of getting scratches all over it. Made of sturdy plastic, this cover is very soft to touch inside and out. Unlike other hard plastic covers, the KEC cover is easy to put on and easy to take off without causing damages to the edges of the laptop.

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7- Mosiso Leather Case

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The next MacBook air 13 inch case we have in this list is another top of the notch Mosiso product. The Mosiso Leather Case offers protection not just from scratches but also from falls. This shock absorbent laptop cover will surely keep your laptop protected even when used by your kids. Aside from being scratch resistant, it also comes with magnetic closure to keep your MacBook in place while using it. The Mosiso Leather Case is made of PU leather also known as bicast leather ( adds elegance to the case hence I can proudly use it wherever you go.

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8- Runetz Laptop Cover

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Padded, slim fit and heavy duty, these are the qualities of Runetz Laptop Cover making it one of the top choices in our MacBook air case list. This product promises protection of your MacBook from dents, scratches and scuffs and with its heavy duty zipper, you can expect durability for years to come. The exterior part of this laptop cover is made of neoprene ( while the interior part comes with semi-stiff eggshell foam for impact protection. It also comes with a pocket in front where you can keep your headset or charger in case you travels a lot.

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9- HDE MacBook Air Case

macbook air 13 inch case

HDE knew that accidents can happen anytime like bumping your laptop on the door while walking out hence they recommend the use of hard covers. With an HDE MacBook Air Case, you can now walk around with your Air with more confidence and security. This hard shell protector is made of durable plastic that aims to prevent scratches, dirt and smudges from getting close to your Air. This HDE plastic cover doesn’t hinder closing and opening of the laptop and while it is on, you can easily plug in anything to your Mac’s ports.

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10- Kuzy Rubber Case

macbook air 13 inch case

Another Kuzy product made it to this list of best MacBook air 13 inch case for its design, quality and affordability. The Kuzy Rubber Case is a rubberized cover that is soft to touch and smooth inside and out. One of the things that I really appreciate with this case is the cut-out vent design allowing my Mac’s fan to work without being blocked. Just like any other Kuzy covers, this is easy to put on and take off as well.

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Our Verdict

There are a lot of brands of cases and covers that offer protection to our most valued MacBook Air but how would you know that you got the best MacBook air case? From the list we have above, which one impressed you? If you are already using a MacBook air 13 inch case that is not included in our list and you think it deserves to be here, let us know! We would love to hear from you.



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