Here is our Top 10 iPhone SE 2020 Cases

iphone se 2020 case

Are you looking to protect your new iPhone SE 2 (2020), here we did some research and list the best-selling iPhone SE 2020 cases in the market. The cases for this phone are not easily available, but we made it easy for you.

From Amazon USA

OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for iPhone SE (2nd gen – 2020) – $27.95

   iphone se 2020 casesOtterBox presents an amazing product regarding the safety and protection of the mobile phones. This specific product is compatible with iPhone SE (2020) and for iPhone 7 & 8 (not plus models).

The slim and sleek design of the case makes it exceptionally attractive. It is composed of two types of material; the back is made of hard shell wrapped with a soft rubber-like material. The premium quality material feels soft while holding the phone in hand and protects the phone from scratches. For quality assurance, the case is tested multiple times with drop tests at different angles and wins certification for providing ultimate protection to your mobile phone.


Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone SE 2020 – $14.99 – $16.99

case for iphone se 2020

If you are finding a truly protective case for your iPhone SE 2020, you may like this one. This is a multipurpose case from Spigen and provides armor protection to your phone.

Its composition is based on multiple layers of metal, rubber, and plastic according to the requirements which make it survivable in any situation. Even when you hold it your hand, it will give a premium stealth look due to its metallic back. The case comes in 3 different elegant colors and it is also equipped with a plastic stand at its back which will be helpful in case of placing the phone at the table or while watching some videos.


SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case – $16.71 – $19.99

3 layer case

SupCase presents its 360-degree case for newly launched iPhone SE 2020 and for iPhone 7 & 8 (not for plus models). This case provides protection to your phone from all the directions, even if it hits somethings at the screen side. It is made of two separate layers for front and backside and has hooks in the body which grabs the phone inside.

The front side layer also has protective glass which provides ultimate protection to the screen from scratches. The body is shock resistance and the soft inner layer damped the impact force against accidental drop or bumps. Without a doubt, this is one of the best iPhone SE 2020 cases.


Smartish iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) Wallet Case – $14.99

iphone se 2020 covers

Smartish presents its smart case as its name. This case is available for iPhone SE 2020, 7, and 8 (also for plus models).

Apart from a beautiful looking case for your phone, this iPhone case is also equipped with a cardholder where you can place your debit/credit cards, identity card, etc. The soft and elegant rubber-like material is also durable but also protects the phone by absorbing the shocks and bumps. Other than this, the case also helps to protect the phone from getting scratches from keys and cards while in the pocket or purse.

The side benefits it cardholder, you don’t need to get worried about forgetting the debit card while going out for groceries or shopping. If you have a pocket in your pocket, your cards are also with you.


Temdan iPhone SE 2020 / 7 / 8 Case – $22.99

rugged case

This is one of the most durable and strong cases made for iPhone SE 2020.

Temdan concerns a lot about the features and quality of the material used in their products. This case is IP68 certified which means that you don’t need to worry about water or sweat exposure to your phone, this case won’t let the water or fluid droplets to get into your phone.

Other than this, the material used to manufacture this beautiful case is military-grade material which is ultra-durable and strong. The precisely designed case will perfectly fit in your phone and provide a secure feel while holding it in your hands.

From Amazon UK

Humixx iPhone SE 2020 Cases – £13.99

iphone se 2020 accessories

The Humixx manufacture a premium grade case for their iPhone SE 2020. The beautiful and simple looking case is extremely strong and durable other than amazing design.

The side body of the case is made up of soft and shock-absorbing material while the back of the case is a hard material. The back of the phone is matte colored and doesn’t catch fingerprinter like other cheap cases. The side rubber material is capable of absorbing impact force in case of sudden drop etc.

The buttons and camera holes are designed in such a way that they give their maximum efficiency and don’t feel bulky while holding and normal use.


Snakehive iPhone SE (2020) Genuine Leather Wallet Case – £28.95

cover for iphone se 2020

This case is made of exceptionally premium material, Nubuck European leather, which has a soft and suede-like finish which gets mature with time.

This iPhone case is not just a mobile holder, it’s a multi-purpose case. It serves as a phone stand while watching videos on YouTube or while streaming Netflix movies. It has soft leather on the inner side which protects the phone from any scratches on the body. The case has a magnetic lid which covers the phone from all the side.

The company also provides 12-Months warranty for their iPhone SE 2020 cases.


CASEKOO iPhone SE 2020 Case – £12.99

best iphone se 2020 case

This case is 100% transparent and made up of anti-yellowing material for iPhone SE 2020.

The case is designed while considering the aesthetics and look of the phone from the case. Other than simple and sleek design, the case is designed to provide maximum protection to the phone while accidental drop or any kind of scratching on the body.

The case is equipped with 4 airbags at the corners which will damp the impact force and absorb it while protecting the phone. Other than such amazing features, you don’t need to worry about the yellowing after some period. The case is made of premium material and it won’t get yellowish over time. You can also consider buying this for your iPhone 7 / 8 (not plus models).


POETIC Revolution Designed Case for iPhone SE 2020 (2nd Gen) – £16.95

best iphone se 2 (2020) covers

This stunning looking designed case is military-grade drop-tested [MIL-STD 810G – 516.6]. The material used to manufacture is ultra-premium polycarbonate and TPU bumpers for the corners.

The case has a stealth look while holding in the hands. There is also a stand at the back of cover which enhances usability while watching movies and videos. The charging port of the phone will be covered with a lid which protects the phone from any dust particles or water/fluid droplets.

The case of the phone is designed in such a way that it does not feel bulky while holding in the hands or putting in the pockets. The use of lightweight material doesn’t make it heavier to hold and use even with one hand usage.


Guardian Designed Case for iPhone SE 2020 – £18.95

shock proof case for iPhone

The frame of the case is totally cut from a strong, durable, and lighter metal and forged into a beautiful looking case for your iPhone SE.  The case is designed in such a way that it makes it fit for iPhone 7 & 8 also.

The material used in the case is very strong and the availability of TPU bumpers at the corner of the phone makes it even more protected while drops etc. You don’t need to worry about the scratches on the body of your phone while putting it in your pocket or purse with other metals like keys or coins etc.

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