Best Samsung Gear S3 Bands and Straps 2017

best gear s3 bands

The Samsung Gear S3 was released at the end of 2016. Needless to say, it was well received, creating a lot of hype amongst the public. This is largely due to its features though certainly the range of accessories that accompanied this smartwatch had an impact on its popularity.

At its core, the Samsung Gear S3 is a regular watch in built with a buckle, bezel, and crown. However, it’s also a lot more than that. This is due to the added features that make it a smartwatch. They include an embedded SIM, a memory card, and a charger port. It allows you to make calls, send and receive messages, connect to Bluetooth and WiFi, and play music. It also has a built-in GPS system and a calculator. Simply speaking, it takes the applications you enjoy using on your phone, and places them on your wrist. It’s also my no 1 accessory for Galaxy S8 or the Note 8.

The Samsung Gear S3’s design and its customization

The Samsung Gear S3 has a simple, but smart, design. The bezel is made of stainless steel. There are two buttons on the side, one which takes you to the watch’s home screen and lets you interact with apps, and one which provides the “back” option. There’s no worry of your watch going onto stand-by, as the watch’s Always on Display feature ensures that its face is always on.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Samsung Gear S3’s design is the ability to customize. The watch’s face has a number of designs to select from – 15, to be precise. These include the Frontier, the Urban classic, and the Outdoor. The band of the watch also has a multitude of colors to select from, including the Classic Leather Navy Blue, the Alligator Grain Orange Red, and the Active Silicon Khaki Green.

Types of bands and straps

Like we said above, the components of the smartwatch are customizable. The bands and straps don’t only differ in colour, though, but in several others aspects; size, weight, material, and overall scheme. As such, if you ever feel like replacing your watch’s band, you’ve got a diverse selection in front of you, with each band possessing features that set it apart from the rest. Here are some of the best ones you may consider getting:

1)    V-Moro Gear S3 Strap

best gear s3 strapsV-Moro Gear S3 band is very stylish, and easy to use. Thanks to its release pin, the strap is easy to install and take off your Samsung Gear S3. It can also be adjusted according to the owner’s wrist size; anywhere from 125 to 215 millimeters in length. Its Metal black color adds to its sleek design and – best of all – it has a lifetime warranty. This band is highly breathable and you can feel comfortable even if you wear it for whole day.

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2)    TRUMiRR Gear S3 Stainless steel band

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The Milanese Gear S3 band is simplicity at its best. It’s made up of a mesh of stainless steel, which come in a shiny silver or classic black color. The 22 mm long band can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist. One of its more distinct features is its spring bar, which replaces the need of a buckle, and has to simply be pressed if you wish to take of your watch.

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3)    EloBeth Magnetic Loop Strap

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This Gear S3 strap isn’t conventional, but rather innovative. It has neither a buckle nor a spring bar, but rather a magnetic clasp. It’s strong and tight, securing the watch to your wrist and eliminating the worry of it falling off. That doesn’t mean, though, that it can’t be adjusted. In fact, the magnetic clasp allows the strap to be fitted onto the largest or smallest of wrists. What’s more is that it provides a number of elegant colors to choose from such as rose gold and light black.

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4)    MoKo Silicon Gear S3 Band

gear s3 band

The Moko band is simple but smart. It uses a pin-and-truck method to lock itself onto the watch’s bezel. While this allows for a tight, secure closure, it also allows the band to easily be installed and removed. It’s long-lasting and is for those who are searching for quality over looks. To be honest, since I bought I rarely used my other straps. believe it or not, it’s much softer and comfortable to use than the rugged original Samsung band.

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5)    Rerii leather Gear S3 Strap

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The Rerii leather band takes the classic leather design of a watch, and builds upon it. The 22 mm long band is soft, and is very light in weight, but is still strong and long-lasting. The clasp of the buckle is made out of stainless steel, a familiar design too many. Perhaps the greatest thing about it is that it is simple in looks. It lacks any logos, or conspicuous patterns, making it a great choice for fans of the simple and the classic. Its colors include brown, coffee and black.

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How do you know if it’s time for a change?

There can be several reasons for why you may want to change your watch’s band. It’s possible that your previous one was damaged; the buckle or clasp broke or the leather was ruined. Sometimes, a tear in the band can make it impossible to attach to the bezel.

Another reason for why you may want to change your band is simply because you wish for something new or fresh. Owners of a Samsung Gear S3 may seek out a new aesthetic and design, and as such, may buy a new band.

A third, possible reason is that the owner has grown out of its size. Sometimes, the length of the band may become too small for the owner’s wrist, and so they must buy a longer band, or a strap with a buckle that can easily be adjusted.

Regardless of the reason, if you ever want to change your Samsung Gear S3 band, you will find a large variety to pick from.


In the end, there is no clear way to decide which Samsung Gear S3 band or strap is the best. Each one provides something new or unique, and its selection relies entirely on the customer; whether they have sensitive skin, or if they prefer leather over steel, or if they desire a specific color scheme or aesthetic.

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