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Due to the COVID-19 situation, the lifestyles, daily routines and public interactions are going through a phase that mankind hasn’t experienced before. We all try to stay at home but still we have to go to marts/shops and some public places for food and other necessities where you might have to pull some door handles, use ATM keypads and lifts, etc.

We all have heard a famous proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Well, the concept of no-touch door openers, totally represents this proverb. Considering all this situation, we find out an effective solution to avoid any risk.

There are some door opening tools that will assist you to do routine life tasks like pulling door handles, using ATM’s Numpad, pressing floor numbers while using lifts without finger touches. The simple and elegant design is easy to carry and place in your pockets. These door openers also work as keychains. So, you won’t forget it at home while going outside.

These no touch door opening tools are not expensive and have a hook-like design that performs the basic functionality and works in place of your fingers/hand. Most of the contactless door openers are made of a durable material like Zinc or brass, which not only enhance the durability but also act as antibacterial material. Most of the no-touch door openers are equipped with a rubber tip which helps to not damage buttons and screens.

There are some contactless door openers, waiting for your order to serve.

Contactless door openers, available at Amazon UK


1- CUQOO | 2 Pack Copper Contactless Door Opener, £ 99

This contactless door opener has a very minimal and hook-like design. Its manufacturing material is a copper alloy (which contains about 70% copper) which makes it’s strong but also an antimicrobial which will prevent the spreading of microorganisms.

This no-touch door opener is not just a door opener. You can use it as a key ring, to press keys at ATMs or in the lift, to pull levers, even to carry grocery bags and much more. The sizing of this product is very optimal, you can place it in your pocket or purse easily without any problem.

2- KYOTO HILLS Contactless No Touch Key Door Opener, £4.76

This no-touch door opener will help you to press the elevator button, pull the drawer handle/door handle with its extended hand.

It is a multifunctional tool that can assist to move the chair, flush the toilet and carry shopping bags, etc. It does not damage the doors handles and buttons due to its premium material. Keep your hands clean and ensure your safety by reducing the point-of-contact area. This contactless door opener weight just around 18g which makes it ultra-light and durable.

3- YPGadgets 2 Pack Contactless Door Opener, £7.99

This most amazing thing about this no-touch door opener is that it is formed of Zinc alloy. Zinc is known to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties by reducing concentrations of bacterial cells.

It’s minimal and simple design is not only easy to use but it is also easy to clean and carry around. To ensure hygiene and safety please wipe clean with disinfectant wipes after use. Its design includes an extended edge that will increase its work capability and also have a key holder.

4- Sinoeem Pack of 3 Contactless Door Opener, £9.99

This contactless door opener is a very portable door opener tool. Due to its compact size, it can be easily stored in your wallet or pocket, or even connected to your keychain. It is convenient to carry around and function at any time.

This is a multifunctional gadget. Not only an artifact for opening door handles, it can help you press the elevator button, but also can carry a debris bag; and there is a stylus point on the front, which can be used on all electronic touch screens, such as mobile phone screens, advertising machines, ATMs, etc. Simultaneously, it can also be used as a bottle opener to open the bottle cap.

5- SINNEX Brass Contactless Door Opener, £6.99

Manufactured from solid Brass due to its antimicrobial properties, meaning microbes begin to degrade in a matter of seconds on the surface of the brass. It is made out of 100% Brass and the molecules of copper in brass are capable of producing ions that attack a certain type of protein in single-celled organisms, killing them instantly in the process.

This no-touch door opener tool is ideally made with strength copper-zinc alloy (brass), which guarantees its durability. And it rounded edges in the finger slot for utmost comfort. So, you can easily use it anywhere you need to.

Contactless door openers, available at Amazon USA

6-    Safety Door Opener, $12.88

This product is very unique, especially its rubber tip ensures that you don’t damage the touch screens of your mobile phone or at store cash-out. This enhances usability and you can use it without damaging or put scratches on screens.

This contactless door opener is equipped with a keychain tool that is made entirely from solid alloy material. Its design and attached clip which to help of your everyday tasks and minimize the interaction. It also can be used as a bottle opener.

7- klēnkey New No Touch Door Opener, $12.99

 The klēnkey is a low-cost, smooth keychain, the size of your vehicle key, that fills in hands instrument to open entryway handles that guide in the spread of germs between people. It offers a layer of barrier rapidly open on your keychain.

Above the hook tool is the button pusher. The hands-free button-pusher easily allows you to press buttons on elevators, ATMs, vending machines, and so much more! This door opener also fits nicely within your wallet.

8- Door Opener Smart Key, 2pcs, $13.99

This no-touch door opener is an everyday carry tool is made of Zinc alloy. You can feel the quality once you hold it in your hand because of its premium material. It can be used as a sanitary door opener, Locks, Touchscreens, Elevators, ATMs, Keypads, Switches, Sinks and more.

Sleek & slim design makes it easy to open doors, press buttons & pull levers, a hook for easy hanging in pockets, belt straps, bags or purses and a small hole for a keychain or carabiner. The size is smaller than a Credit Card.

9- Brass No-Touch Hand, $9.99

No-touch Door Opener is about the size of a key, you can carry it anytime, anywhere. Not only avoid touching and contaminating yourself, but you also lower the risk of spreading dirty things. Its unique design is very attractive, good looking as well as durable and very useful. This touchless door opener tool made of alloy brass, durable, practical and hygienic to use. It is very portable that you can even attach it to a strap of pants or purse to carry along.

10- Contactless Safety Door Opener (2 pcs), $8.45

This is extremely smooth and thin that you won’t notice its weight, its only 1.5ounce in weight. You can append your keys with it and use it at whatever point you need to secure yourself as well as other people.

CleanKey’s offers 2pcs packaging so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones. It’s a multipurpose gadget that will assist in public places for touchless interactions.

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