Laptop Bags for Women: Best Buyer Guide in 2017


Purchasing a good laptop bag for women requires a lot of thought and searching, especially if it’s for a demanding lady. With a much higher expectations and visual requirements than man, the ideal laptop backpack for women would be both functional, easy to carry and pretty. This is the main reason for which the entire thing could easily become a bit bothersome. This is also why we’ve taken the liberty of synthesizing the best bags on the market. Let’s dig in.

1- Winblo Laptop Bag

 laptop bags for women

If you hate wheeled laptop bags, then you’ll probalbly like the backpack one. Made out of particularly durable materials, this particular backpack is perfect for your laptop. It is also incredibly stylish and it’s suited for daily usage. The size is convenient and the overall appeal is also very elegant.

2- The North Face Women’s Recon

Needless, to say, The Noorth Face is amongst the most reliable manufacturers when it comes to backpacks. This one comes with a stretch front stash pocket which will enhance the overall organization of the solution.

3- Lapacker Shockproof

This one is shockproof and it also comes with water resistance. The bag is convenient, lightweight and rather elegant in appeal. It comes with additional storage space thanks to the double convenient layout. The zipper is also double-layered to enhance protection against thievery.

4-BRINCH laptop bags for women

laptop bags for women

This is perfect for students as well as for women who have to carry their laptops and other belongings to work on a daily basis. It is a huge and roomy solution which is also quite appealing. It has an airflow back system which would prevent perspiration.

5- Leaper Cute

This is amongst the best laptop bags for women and it comes with a range of different color options available as per your requirements. It’s a great solution which not only looks good but it’s also easy to carry and to store a significant amount of belongings.

6- Good&God Laptop Backpack for Women

laptop bags for women

If you looking for  leather laptoop bag, have a look into this on. Made out of horse leather-like material, this stylish vintage backpack is perfect for your laptop. It has great dimensions which are fit for a regular 14-inch laptop. Ig comes with metal buckles on the front to ensure safety and to promote the overall vintage appeal.

7- Uoobag Ladies Laptop Bags

This is a slimmer bag which is fit for 14-15.6 laptops but it’s not going to fit a 15.6 inches gaming laptop as they are slightly bulkier. It’s a professional anti-theft option which is great for your daily usage. It is also rather slim and it’s easy to handle.

8- SOLO Women Leather Laptop Bag

laptop bags for women

When it comes to the best laptop bags for women, this one comes pretty close to being a winner. Made out of premium leather, this one comes with zipper closure and padded compartment for your laptop. It could hold a laptop of up to 15.6 inches on the screen.

9- SOCKO Nylon Laptop Backpack for Women

Now, this is a larger computer bag for women and it’s capable of fitting 18.4-inch laptops. It’s a college-like design but it’s also fit for daily usage without any issues. IT comes with a lot of storage space so you can easily fit other items as well.

10 -Kinmac Bohemian

This is a truly inspiring laptop bag for women and it’s particularly stylish. Despite of its fancy appeal, it’s also a waterproof solution with the right dimensions tailored for a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. It’s very stylish and it is also particularly convenient.

11- Yorepek Laptop Bag

This comes with anti-theft capabilities alongside USB Charger ports and headphone port as well. It can hold a regular-sized 15.6-inches laptop and it could withstand of up to 20kg of weight. The bag is also quite appealing.

12- Stylish School and College Backpack

If you are looking for something stylish, this high-capacity and compact bag is the perfect solution. It can fit a laptop of up to 15.6 inches as well as an iPad, accessories and even a lunch box. IT is also incredibly appealing in terms of style.

13- Lapacker Slim Business Backpack

laptop bags for women

One of the main traits of this bag is that it is overly slim yet it’s tailored to fit all sorts of laptops of up to 15.6 inches. However, gaming laptops are yet not going to fit. The padding of the laptop compartment is shock absorbent and there is an additional sponge layer on the bottom which is providing additional protection.

14- Samsonite Women’s Briefcase Tote

This is hand-carry computer bag for women and it is rather stylish when it comes to it. Tailored to fit 15.6 inches units, it comes with a dedicated tablet pocket and a front pocket which has soft-brushed lining for enhanced access to your electronics. In our openion, this is one of the best women’s briefcase tote in the market.

15- Lapacker Computer Bag for Women

This is another larger computer bag for women offered by Lapacker. It comes with a range of different compartments aside from the one tailored to fit your laptop. There is an airflow back system alongside pull-down zippers and mesh pockets.

16- Kenox Vintage

This laptop backpack for women is perfect for 15-inch units and it is particularly stylish at the same time. It has room for additional items as well and it is easy to carry and very good looking.

17- Bronze Times Premium

Now, this is not the most compact option but it is definitely amongst the best laptop bags for women. It comes with a lot of room for a range of different items, it is easy to carry and it is made out of water-resistant as well as shockproof oxford fabric.

18- Hikpro Ultralight

laptop bags for women

This is a bag which is particularly lightweight and reinforced. It is capable of lasting you for quite some time and it is small until you open it. On the inside, it’s a spacious solution which will provide you with quite some room for your laptop and other items.

19- Kuprine Lightweight Slim

Not only is this particular bag rather slim, it’s also incredibly lightweight. This is the main reason for which you might want to take it into account. It is tailored to fit 14-inch laptops.

20- Qingstart Backpack for Laptops

This is a model which is pretty ordinary in terms of appeal but it’s capable of holding 17-inches laptops, which is quite convenient. You can also carry different utensils and other items within it.

As you can see, choosing the best laptop bags for women is no easy task. Hopefully, with the options that we brought to you, the process is going to become much less challenging and very comprehensive.






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