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When you are investing in Surface Book, it is also necessary to protect your investment. If you search the market, you will find different kinds of Surface Book case. Book covers are good way to protect such devices from dust, debris and unwanted drops and shocks. For your easiness, we have selected the best 10 Surface Book cases and sleeves that are renowned among the customers.

1- ProCase Laptop Sleeve Cover Bag

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Sleeve cover bag from ProCase holds good reputation among the customers. It is simple in design and light weighted. This Surface Book case is specially designed to protect your device from dust, debris and unexpected drops. It has the ability to guard your book even in strong falls. It has a front pocket that has plenty of room for other Surface Book accessories including laptop charging cable, your cellphone etc. The zip is of high quality and provides protection to the soft interior. Overall, it is the good laptop sleeve case that keeps the belongings highly secure.

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2- mCover Hard Shell Surface Book Case

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mCover has reached the peaks in providing protection to your Surface Book. This USA product is made from top quality translucent DOW polycarbonate material that is shatter proof, and keeps your device highly protected. It fits with the Surface Book and provides great grip. It doesn’t slip on the surfaces.

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3- Navitech Black Real Leather Folio Case Cover Sleeve

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Navitech has introduced ultra-thin modern design for the Surface Book. This top quality heavy-duty leather Surface Book case provides ultimate protection to the device inside. It looks professional and stylish and keeps the device away from abrasion and scratches. The case is well made and guards the device by making every port and button accessible. The case fits perfectly and folds naturally around the corners and edges due to its smooth but sturdy construction.

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4- MoKo PU Leather Sleeve Case

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Another super amazing sleeve case in our list of best Surface Book accessories is from MoKo PU. It is especially designed to keep your device protected. Other than guarding the Surface Book, it has a built in card slot that is ideal for keeping keys, cards, USB sticks and other essential things. It is very light weighted and slim and doesn’t add extra bulk to the device. Its interior is soft while the exterior is made from durable leather. The magnetic flap provides additional support and keeps the laptop in place.

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5- Eximtrade 4H Full Body Protector Protective Skin

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This Surface Book case offers a bit different type of protection to your Surface Book. It proposes high quality durable adhesive stick that fits well with the device. It comes with four stickers for back, inside, touchpad and front. The cover skin has the same color as the laptop and thus, it gives the proficient touch and protection to the device. Once it is applied flawlessly, it is hard to notice the difference.

You can easily remove the sticker whenever you want. It will not leave any residue. The material used is sturdy and tough and provides optimal guard. It is ideal for the people who want to protect their device without making it look bulky.

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6- MoKo Laptop Sleeve Bag

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Due to the high quality and amazing features, MoKo has made to our list again. This sleeve bag is the perfect Surface Book case. The device fits well inside and remains protected due to awesome interior and magnetic flap at the opening. It functions as the wallet too; in its built in card slot, you can store your keys, bank cards, post cards, USB sticks and other important stuff.  It is slim and light weighted. The cuts in the sleeve allow easy removal of the device inside and outside of the case. Premium PU leather exterior makes it ideal to take it to your school or work with style.

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7- Celicious Crystal Clear Screen Protector

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Protection should not remain restricted to the outside of the Surface Book only; it’s screen need protection as well. With Celicious crystal clear screen protector, you can have the similar amazing view but with protection. It firmly attaches to the screen to guard it against scuffs, scratches, and dirt. It is easily removable as well and doesn’t leave any residue.

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8- Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

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Some people prefer to use mouse with their laptop, and this one is the perfect to go for. When not in use, it is a flattened mouse that is easy to store. At the time of use, just curve it and start using. It doesn’t need to be attached with the USB port anyhow. It uses Bluetooth technology for the connectivity. It responds to the speed of the finger movement and produces very accurate results. It is comfortable to use and its design matches the natural curve of the hand.

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9- Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Dock

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Another item in our list of Surface Book accessories is Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Dock. Quality comes with the price and here is the example. It offers all what you need including four high-speed USB 3.0 ports, two high-definition video ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and an audio output. All the ports are lightning fast and provide the optimum speed connecting and transferring data. It is very easy to set up and offers hassle free operation.

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10- Microsoft Surface Pen Tip Kit

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In our Surface Book accessories list, Microsoft Surface Pen Tip Kit is the next item. It is made for the people who want to have their personal touch. This pointing accessory allows you to select the one tip that you find best for your work. It offers HB, B, H2 and H sizes. All are different Surface Pen but with single butt.

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Final Verdict

Whether it is about protection, or finding the right accessory to go with your Surface Book, we have provided you with the best possible products available online. Keeping rest of the accessories aside, MoKo PU Leather Sleeve Case is our most favorite because it provides ultimate protection with stylish look. Celicious Crystal Clear Screen Protector is also a must accessory for your device to keep its screen scratch free and shiny forever.



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