Best 12 Samsung Galaxy A3 Cases (2017)

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Samsung has been making some renowned smartphones of all times in the last few years. Its list of good phones has been increasing day by day. Samsung Galaxy A3 (although not as big as the Galaxy S8)is one of them. When you buy this amazing cellphone, it becomes quite good if you buy the phone case immediately. The cover provides good protection and long life to the phone. It keeps the phone secured against dents, drops and dust. We have made the list of best Samsung Galaxy A3 Cases so you can select the best one.We have saved you from extensive search of finding the right one.

 1- Spigen Liquid Air Case

Samsung Galaxy A3 caseThe first Samsung Galaxy A3 case in our list is from Spigen. It is renowned for making quality and highly durable phone case that’s why Spigen made to the top many times. This case is very light weighted and has a modern design thats suit your phone. It is made by using a premium TPU layer to enhance protection. It also doesn’t add bulk to the phone and gives it slim profile. Its grip is anti-slip and doesn’t allow your phone to slip at the first place from your hands.

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2-EasyAcc Black TPU Cover

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The second place is earned by EasyAcc because of it customization and tailor made case. The cover is designed in such a way that original shape of the phone is retained. All the buttons and ports are fully accessible and perfectly aligned. You get the matte finish touch with this Samsung Galaxy A3 case. Overall, this cover has a simple design with comfortable grip.

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3- Ringke Tough PC Cover

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Ringke always make to the list of the best cases in the market, and this time it has gained third spot. This high quality PC and TPU hybrid case is available in diverse colors to suit your style. You can select your favorite color. It protects the phone well with 2X tough coating but without adding bulk to your phone. It keeps the slim profile of the phone and doesn’t feel heavy in hands. This Samsung Galaxy A3 case guards your phone from every corner.

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4- LONTECT Dual Layer Hybrid Case

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Next name in our list is Lontect. It is the phone case for the fashion lovers. This case can function as your wallet as well and comes with card slot. Outer PC cover is used, while the interior is protected with rubber TPU. It has a stylish design with tough scratch-resistant textured finish. Overall, this case is the perfect blend of beauty and protection.

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5- ProCase Slim Clear Hybrid Cover

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Another name in our list of best Samsung Galaxy A3 cases is ProCase. They are the real pro in case making and offer slim cover that showcase the original beauty of your phone. It offers dual layer protection with TPU and PC. The lips are raised around the corner so the screen and camera don’t touch the surface. The case uses anti slip technology. It is perfect case in many ways.

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6- Samsung Galaxy A3 Cases

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It is the original Samsung case that comes with neon edge lighting. It keeps you informed whenever your phone beeps. Extra protection is provided to the screen as well. It keeps the slim profile of the phone and protects without adding bulk. It is highly durable and lasts long.

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7- BELK Premium Luxury PU Leather Wallet Case

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”300″ identifier=”B01NBMLY9J” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-reviewr-20″ width=”300″]

This Samsung Galaxy A3 case from BELK is for the leather lovers. This case utilizes high quality PU leather in its construction. The stitching is quite professional. Flexible TPU layer is present inside for additional protection. The case is handmade and offers best durability. It has a pocket as well along with strong magnetic enclosure.

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8-   Arae Flip Folio PU leather wallet case

Samsung Galaxy A3 case

Arae is another perfect case maker that makes awesome phone covers. This Samsung Galaxy A3 case is an ideal fit. All the ports and buttons are fully functional with this case on. The case is wallet type but the thickness is reduced as much as possible to remove bulk. This cover keeps the phone secure inside.

9-MoKo Shock Absorbing Protective Case

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When you want to showcase the beauty of your phone, MoKo should be your top choice. It keeps your phone secure from drops and shocks. The raised bezels keep the screen and camera scratch free. It is perfect combo of PC and TPU layer. All the cutouts are perfect fit so the buttons and ports are fully functional. MoKo offers lifetime warranty on this Samsung Galaxy A3 case.

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10- CoverON Slim Soft Flexible Case

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”300″ identifier=”B01N0X9R13″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-reviewr-20″ width=”300″]

Made from semi hard TPU, CoverON is the perfect case for the people who like soft cases. It is perfect for absorbing shocks in harsh cases. It is made in a way to provide ideal fit. It is ultra slim and very light weighted. The phone remains safe in fulfilling all the fashion needs. It is very convenient to use. The lips are raised to protect the screen.

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11-Cruzerlite Defense Fusion Fender Case

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”300″ identifier=”B06X95KNBS” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-reviewr-20″ width=”300″]

This Cruzerlite case keeps the phone protected from shocks, drops, scrapes, scratches, and dust. It provides high level security without adding bulk to the phone. It is made by using dual materials; plastic back plate plus flexible TPU. The lips are slightly raised so that screen and camera remains scratch free. This case is the ideal combo of perfection and protection.

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12- Remex Anti-Scratch and Non-Slip Cover

Samsung A3 cover

Remex is another name in our list with perfect case for Samsung Galaxy A3. The case is shock proof and scratch resistant. The case is slim but provides full protection. It is highly durable and preserves the quality of the phone inside. Overall, it is a good case as it comes with kickstand. It has a non-slip touch with perfect grip.

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That’s all the best Samsung Galaxy A3cases that you can find in the market today. Our personal favorite is BELK PU Leather Wallet Case because leather gives classic style to the phone. Remel, ProCase and Lontect have its own beauty as well.




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