Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases 2017

galaxy s8 cases

In Samsung Galaxy S series, Galaxy S8 is the newest addition. With its announcement, leaading phone case makers like Spigen and Otterbox have initiated the best cover production for this smartphone. However, every individual has different taste even when it comes to phone cases so have searched high and low to make the list of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases and covers in the market right now. We will keep updating the list as soon as new accessories become available.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

galaxy s8 caseWhen it comes to the best cases in the town, Spigen always make to the top of the list because of its features and design. This rugged armor case protects your phone without adding bulk to it. Although it’s a perfect fit but lips around camera and screen are slightly raised to make the case anti-scratch. It has a flexible one layer TPU. Its glossy touch and carbon fiber texture give it decent look with elegant style. Buttons are perfectly aligned but it’s a bit harder to press them. It is made that way on purpose so no button will remain pressed unexpectedly in the bag or pocket.

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Galaxy S8 Lifeproof Case

galaxy s8 cases

LifeProof has extended the protection for the Galaxy S8 even further with it’s Fre series case. It has added a built-in screen protector with the cover. It uniformly adds few millimeters thick line all around the phone’s corner to provide protection during drops and crashes. The cover over the buttons allows full functionality without any hindrance. It is water, dust, drop and even snow proof. It makes the phone submersible in water up to 2 meters for an hour. It is world’s #1 selling waterproof case for Galaxy S8. No matter where you go and whatever you want to do, this case will not let you down. Last but not least, Lifeproof offers 2-year warranty on their phone cases. The retail price for this case is $89.99 from both versions and you can only buy them from the official website.

Griffin Survivor Strong

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”300″ identifier=”B06XCSFY8N” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-reviewr-20″ width=”300″]If you looking for the ultimate drop protection without an extra bulk, then the Survivor case from Griffin is your best choice. The case is incredibly slim however, it deliver a 810-G Military standard which mean your precious Galaxy S8 will survive falls up to 2 meters. The case compromises of 2 shells, the inner one is made of polycarbonate to prevent any accidental dents whereas the outer one protects the body from scratch, scuffs and other impacts. You can get this case for $29.99 from the official website, however if you looking for an even slimmer case, then have a look at Griffin Survivor Clear; one of the thinnest cases that offer drop protection up to 1.2 meters.

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Zagg InvisibleShield for Galaxy S8

invisible shield galaxy s8 screen protectorSome people don’t like to put a case that will make their phones ugly and bulky, here is the good news; Zagg InvisibleShield will give you 7x more drop protection compared to unprotected phone, but guess what, you won’t even notice it!. It’s make of sapphire one of the strongest minerals on earth that makes it twice as strong as traditional glass screen protectors. I would still advice you to get a bumper or clear case to protect the back of the phone and give it one more layer of protection. Zagg offer limited lifetime warranty for its screen protectors even for wear and tear, that’s why I believe it’s worth the $49.99 price tag.

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Trianium Ultra Protective Cover

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Trianium is another name in our list. Their cover for Galaxy S8 is renowned because of its unique design and ultimate protection. It is a sturdy case that protects the phone from every corner. The lips around the screen and camera are raised slightly so that the phone remains scratch free.

Although, the cover is hard core but the interior is soft rubber to minimize the effect of shock on the phone.  The case fits perfectly well to maximize protection.  All the cutouts are also seamlessly aligned and offer trouble free functionality.

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i-Blason Heavy Duty Case

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The reason that i-Blason Galaxy S8 case has made to this list is its hard core protection, but with slim design. Although it looks really thick but it is light weighted and slim as compared to its competitors. To make your phone fully protected, the charging and headphone ports have plugs, that means all the dust and debris will remain away. To enhance the protection even further, it comes with the built in screen protector. It guards the screen without affecting the sensitivity. Overall, the cover is a perfect fit and optimizes phone security too many folds.

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Galaxy S8 Otterbox Defender Case

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When the list of best cases is being made, it is impossible to leave Otterbox behind. Like its other cases, Otterbox has introduced the Galaxy S8 case with same hard core design and strong feel. It is the toughest cover in our whole list. This case is the special choice of the people who like to add extra bulk to their phone to augment protection.

It comes with the built-in screen protector and sealed up ports so no dust, debris or even water could harm the delicate phone inside. All in all, it is the complete package that guards phone without producing any slight harm. The case is now on sale on the official website, so grab it before it’s too late.

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Spigen Tough Armor Case

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Yes, again one more Spigen in the list because it is simply the best. As the name indicates, it is the tough case but with smoother feel. It is not slippery at all and provides good grip. All the buttons are beautifully defined offering full functionality. The inner layer is soft to reduce the shock impact. It fits perfectly with the phone to maximize overall protection. The corners around the screen are raised slightly so the screen remains scratch free.

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JETech Super Protective Cover

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”300″ identifier=”B06XWTFG4W” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-reviewr-20″ width=”300″]

JETech totally nailed it in building the Galaxy S8 cover at that price. In that small amount, it is providing the optimum protection to your phone. It has a carbon fiber texture with smooth touch. To enhance the protection, the interior has honeycomb pattern to disperse the shock. The lips are slightly raised and the cutouts are perfectly aligned. Overall, this case has made many satisfied customers, and you can be one of them.

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Caseology Slim Case

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”350″ identifier=”B06XJ7L457″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-reviewr-20″ width=”250″]

In the list of best covers for the phone, Caseology always takes a place. This Galaxy S8 case is not simply plain but has subtle ridged pattern. It has the three-dimensional wavelength pattern that improves the grip over phone. This rich looking case comes in diverse colors and all are beautiful. The fitting is remarkable; it is easy to put on or remove the case without applying any force at all. It is thin and light with perfectly aligned cutout and fully functional buttons.

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Spigen Thin Fit

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From other cases in this list, this cover is entirely different in the function and design. It has a card slot that has the capacity to hold up to two cards without affecting the sleekness of the case. This feature doesn’t add bulk to the phone and it still can easily be slip into the pocket. It offers a dual layer protection with polycarbonate exterior and shock-absorbing TPU interior. It fits perfectly with the slightly raised edges around the screen to augment protection.

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Galaxy S8 Clear Cover

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”400″ identifier=”B06XGPYMZD” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”the-reviewr-20″ width=”317″]

If you don’t want to hide the beauty of your Galaxy S8 then this i-Blason cover is ideal for you. The cover itself remains scratch free so the lush of your phone doesn’t fade. It looks perfect and feels great. It has anti-slip properties and provides great grip. With raised bezels, the screen remains scratch free as well.

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Final Verdict

In our list, Spigen covers three spots. In our opinion, Spigen make the best Galaxy S8 cases. We personally like it because it offers ultimate protection with decent style. If you don’t mind adding bulk to your phone to have the perfect protection, then go for Otterbox o LIfeproof because it makes the toughest cases around. If the crystal clear look is your requirement, then i-Blason is a good choice. Which Galaxy S8 case you liked the most? Please comment below.













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