Best LG G6 Cases and Covers 2017

If you are looking for protecting your new smartphone, here you will find the best LG G6 cases, covers and accessories, enter and choose yours

With the launch of LG G6, the top mobile case companies have jumped into the competition of making the most perfect covers. Every company wants to make the case that fits well, reliable and provides ultimate protection. For your convenience, we have made the list of best LG G6 cases that are available online.

  1- Spigen Rugged Armor LG G6 Case

Want to protect your phone and keep it slim? Rugged Armor LG G6 Case from Spigen can provide you with both. This simple yet powerful case has the ability to guard against heavy impacts and drops by absorbing the shock and dispersing it. Flexible one-piece TPU case with Air Cushion™ Technology enhances the overall protection. It has a beautiful glossy look with carbon fiber textures. The case adjusts well and doesn’t interfere with the picture. Volume keys and camera and speaker cutouts have exact fit. It provides sufficient thickness from front and back to lift the screen and camera from the surface and prevent scratches. Overall, it is simple but powerful case for your G6.

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2- LG G6 Case from Caseology

Provided with elusive grooves, this LG G6 Case from Caseology is highly famous among the users. Its three-dimensional wavelength pattern enhances the grip and averts unwanted slipping. The fingerprint sensor and camera cutouts are aligned with the phone perfectly. At front, it fits perfectly even with the glass protector. It doesn’t interfere with the screen at all. Along with the TPU sleeve, polycarbonate bumper is added to boost the protection further. The sides of the case are made high enough to guard the screen on the face first drops. Volume buttons are easy to press. Glossy finishes on sleeve and bumper keep the color new and young. Its grip and design will make you love your phone even more.

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 3- LG G6 Hard Case

lg g6 case.jpeg

Protect your phone from heavy drops without making it bulky with LG G6 Case from Zizo. Their static series features dual-layer case that uses Impact Dispersion Technology to resist shocks. Its interior is made from soft Tetra Polyurethane and exterior has a hard Polycarbonate Shell to augment guard against drops and falls. It has a sturdy built-in kick stand that supports your phone vertically as well as horizontally. It is slim and trendy. Patterns on the case are embossed to improve the overall grip; it has a mechanic feel, not rubbery one. If you want to have a strong, rigid feel, then go for it without thinking again.

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4- OtterBox DEFENDER Case for LG G6

lg g6 coverDrop, scratch, dust, this OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case protects your LG G6 from all. It comes with the three layer protection that features synthetic rubber exterior slipcover, high-impact polycarbonate shell, and built-in screen protector. Its screen protector doesn’t interfere with the touch. It is an indestructible case that offers higher level water and dust resistance. It is a bit bulkier but its guard level is exceptionally great. Once the phone fits in, it is not easy to remove the case again and again. It comes with the holster as well. It is ideal for mommies, bikers, riders, runners and anyone who is more prone to drop their phone. If you looking for a slimmer case from Otterbox, have a look at their Symmetry series for LG G6.

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5- Spigen Tough Armor LG G6 Case

lg g6Tough, rigid but slim, it is the perfect three word description of Tough Armor LG G6 Case from Spigen. It comes with the Air Cushion™ Technology and dual-layered defense. The exterior is polycarbonate scratch resistant with built-in kickstand. Its impact-absorbing TPU interior enhances the protection. Buttons, fingerprint sensor, camera, headphone jack and speaker cutouts fit perfectly without interfering with any function at all. The slots are big enough for the cords. Raised bezels for camera and screen provide guard against unwanted scratches. This case looks decent and elegant and feels great in your hands. It provides optimal defense to your G6 without adding bulk to it.

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 6- LG G6 Cover

If you want to provide best guard to your LG G6, then this case from E LV can be your cellphone’s partner. It uses advanced protection technology by combining flexible TPU and polycarbonate hard shell. The inner layer is the thick rubber and the outer is the plastic bumper. Edges from the front are raised high enough to provide protection to the front screen in case of falling. Exposed buttons maximize the functionality. The cutouts are super fine and easily allow plugging of charger, USB port or headphone jack. The exterior of the case is sweat resistant that fastens the grip even further. The case is a perfect fit but doesn’t interfere with the screen protector.

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 7- SUPCASE LG G6 Case

lg g6 case supcaseSUPCASE LG G6 Case is perfect to give metallic look to your phone along with providing super protection. It comes with the built-in bubble free protector that improves touch sensitivity and provides protection against dust, scratch and drops. It offers high-quality guard; it is made from soft TPU and PC materials. The phone is fully protected inside the case. It is not completely waterproof but offers water resistance against splashes and sweat. All the cutouts are well aligned and don’t interfere with the phone’s functionality. The opening for the jacks and ports can be opened and closed at the will to keep the dust and debris away.

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8- LG G6 Wallet Case

If you are looking for the dual function LG G6 Case then Arae provides a good product. It saves the space in your bag for keeping small but valuable things like cash and card. This wallet type case secures your phone from every angle.  The inner cover is soft TPU that is antiscratch. The case has the perfect cutouts for camera, speaker, cords and headphone jack. All the buttons are easily accessible. If you hold the phone in the right way, the folding of the case doesn’t interfere with the picture at all. With the provided wriststrap, the case functions as a mini purse.

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 9- Heavy Duty Case for LG G6

heavy duty case lg g6LK Heavy Duty Cover for LG G6 provides military grade protection to your phone. It uses impact dispersion technology that absorbs and disperses shock when you drop your phone. It features a sturdy and handy built-in kickstand that supports your phone in vertical as well as horizontal positions. It has a metallic touch that is ideal for the people who don’t like the rubber feel. All the controls and features are easily accessible because of the provided openings in the case. It fits perfectly to guard your phone from every corner.  It offers a tight grip with great style.

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10- SlimSHIELD Case for LG G6

slimshied lg g6This SlimSHIELD Hybrid Shell Case from Encased is the most comfortable case that you have used ever. This ultra-thin case fits perfectly in your pocket. Its SlimShield provides complete guard as it is shock as well as scratch resistant. It is made especially for the lovers of soft colors and smooth touch. The case is built from high-density polycarbonate shell that keeps the phone protected without adding bulk. It provides strong grip. The edges are kept higher to enhance protection when phone touches the surface from face side. The exclusive feature is its customization; two interchangeable base colors are offered to make your phone look the way you like.

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