Best 12 LG V20 Cases and Covers

To reduce your researching, we have made a list of 12 best LG V20 cases, covers and accessories that are available online or you to grab.
lg v20 cases

After the purchase of new LG V20, you will definitely going to buy the ‘case’ to protect your phone. Cases provide good protection to your smartphone and keep it safe. Depending on the type of the case you select, it guards against dust, debris, water and drops. To reduce your researching, we have made a list of twelve best LG V20 cases that are available online.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor LG V20 Caselg v20 cases

Rugged Armor LG V20 Case from Spigen can provide prime protection and premium look to your phone. It has a low profile design with almost similar touch that gives the feel of V20 even in the case. It covers the phone completely without hindering any function. Flexible TPU layer and Air Cushion Technology absorb shock and disperse it without affecting the phone. There is enough thickness from the front and back that screen and camera don’t touch the surface and remain scratch free.

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2. OtterBox DEFENDER Case for LG V20lg v20

OtterBox Defender Series is renowned for its sturdy looks and heavy duty. It is suitable for the people who like to make their phone hefty. It offers 3-layer protection to protect phone from bumps, shocks, drops, dust and scratches. It has a built-in screen protector that even provides protection against splashes. Defender Series cases are the toughest in the market. The belt clip holster is included that works as a kickstand as well which is a plus point and makes it a complete deal. The best place to buy from is Otterbox official website where they always run deals for their products.

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3. LG V20 Wallet Caselg v20 cover

This LG V20 Case from BELK has a book cover style that keeps the phone secure from both sides. The inner side of the flip cover is specially made with smooth artificial leather PU to keep the screen scratch free. Along with that, it has a kickstand that is adjustable and ideal for horizontal viewing. This cover is a good fit and magnetic flap keeps the front covered even when the phone is dropped.

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4. Zizo Static Serieslg v20 case

This LG V20 Zizo Case is for the people who don’t want to make their phone bulkier. It is slim and light weighted but provides enough protection to guard your phone from unexpected drops and falls.  It is shockproof and offers military grade protection. Its key feature is its kickstand that allows placing the phone in landscape and portrait positions. All the buttons and openings permit trouble free use of every feature.

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5. POETIC Revolution Serieslg v20 accessories

Poetic provides a high quality case for LG V20. It holds the phone perfectly and comes with the built-in screen protector which keeps the screen free from bubbles or lint with optimum sensitivity. The case is water resistant, dust resistant and shock proof. Flaps are present on all the open ports. It is specially engineered to provide ultra-protection to the phone. Premium polycarbonate and TPU materials are utilized in the building of the case.

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6. LG V20 Slim Case

This modern design LG V20 case is from Caseology. It has the award-winning three-dimensional geometric pattern that gives good grip to the phone. It provides dual layer protection with impact-resistant polycarbonate plus shock-absorbent thermoplastic polyurethane material. It keeps the screen and camera raised to keep the screen scratch free. It is very light weighted with sturdy touch. All the openings are very well aligned. It is made to satisfy the customers fully.

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7. Caseology LG V20 Case

Lumion makes some finest cases for LG V20 and this case is one of them. It has an award-winning three-dimensional geometric pattern that provides perfect and anti-slip grip. It looks elegant with its simple style. It doesn’t add bulk to your phone. Even with its slim design it offers optimal protection against shocks, drops and impacts. All the buttons and cutouts are finely made to enhance functionality.

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 8. LG V20 Rugged Caselg v20 rugged case

This LG V20 case from Urban Armor Gear has feather-light composite construction. Unlike other cases, it doesn’t add bulk to your phone. It is very light weighted but highly durable. It is very easy to remove the case or put it back on. It has a soft core to keep the phone protected. It gives a rubbery feel which improves the grip. All the cutouts align perfectly with the openings. It doesn’t let the screen or camera to touch the surface as the edges are slightly raised.

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9. Shock Proof Case for LG V20lg v20 cases

This case is made of high-quality polycarbonate and TPU materials. It has a smooth but sturdy touch. No matter how many times you drop your phone, it remains protected inside. Inner layer is lined with silicone for absorbing shocks and outer hard shells keeps cells secure from drops and bumps. With built in screen protector, the screen remains scratch free. All the cuts and openings allow full functionality.

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10. Ringke LG V20 Case

Ringke case for LG V20 offers diverse features to keep the phone protected. As compared with other cases, there is more material guard at the top and bottom of the case to avert great falls and impacts. This case has amazing grip that provides additional friction and reduces slip outs. It may seem bulky but it is light weighted and slim with perfect cutouts.  All the ports and buttons remain fully functional in the case.

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11.Zizo LG V20 Caselg v20 covers

Show the real beauty of your LG V20 with this Zizo case but guard it as well. This case has a crystal clear back that provides military grade protection to your phone. With its aluminum bumpers, phone’s low profile is maintained. All buttons and cutouts allow easy functionality. A durable screen protector is included with the case. The edges are slightly raised around the screen and camera to keep your phone scratch free.

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12. Tekcoo Tough Caselg v20

It is the dual layer hybrid case with the holster clip for your LG V20. It comes with the built-in screen protector for complete protection. Along with that, it has swivel belt with the hand-free kickstand that allows easy hand-free using. It is specially engineered to absorb and disperse shocks. Itkeeps the phone fully functional without any trouble. All the cutouts are perfectly aligned.

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