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surface pro 4 case

Surface Pro 4 is a gadget solely made to replace the laptops and with these accessories, it’s job done. These accessories ensure better performance and also enhanced protection of your device. Right from the Surface Pro 4 Symmetry Series Case to the Microsoft Mini Display Port to VGA Adaptor all the below prove to offer all the support needed for maintaining the Surface Pro 4, and also for complementing it. Remember, the Surface Pro 4 is a classy device. Hence it deserves quality accessories to ensure full functionality and output.

Let’s explore our best 12 Accessories and cases for Surface Pro 4

Symmetry Pro 4 case offers the best protection, from the Otterbox, Certified Drop+Protection. This accessory helps the device to withstand drops, falls and absorb shock. It is easy to install in its one-piece form, requiring fewer technicalities and after sale services from the vendor.
The appearance makes the device more elegant and classic. It is probably on of the slimmest in the market, and the most protective in its class, as it is constructed using the dual material. The style and the make depict the classy model of the gadget in this case.The edges are raised to protect the touch screen. The case is designed to protect the entire tablet, both the internal and the external hardware parts and also the optional keyboard. It allows the smooth use of kickstand for the ideal position. All these qualities and functionalities make the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 case the best to go.

The Pro Case Sleeve Cover Bag for Surface Pro 4

procase for microsoft surface pro 4Easy portability is one of the options a gadget user faces while buying one. Pro Case Sleeve Cover Bag for Surface Pro 4 is a simple, slim and light weight closet. It is classy and comfortable to move along within all the events. It is also compact to fit in your briefcase. The pro case cover offers an extra pocket to handle other business utilities like the power cables, mobile phone, pens, business cards, etc. It is specially made to protect the tablet from visible scratches, shock, dust, and dirt hence reducing the wear and tear rate to the minimum. Also, the bag can serve a multi-purpose task and can accommodate other gadgets of the like with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Pro Case does also make a nice and classy sleeve with a built in Pen holder, check it here.

MoKo Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Case

surface-pro-4-caseMoKo Microsoft Surface Pro 4 case is a BSCstore product designed specifically for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet. It is stylish and durable, with a light weight hardback for increased protection. It is ultra slim and easy to install. This accessory is classy, having the premium leather exterior. For safety purposes, it has a microfiber interior to absorb shock and also minimize wear and tear instances. The magnetic closure ensures the tablet is held tight to avoid scratches. The extra feature of MoKo Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Case is the stand position for typing. It is well placed to accommodate fast typing at ease. It mostly appears in grey color.

The UAG Microsoft Surface Pro 4

uag-surface-pro-4-caseUAG Microsoft Surface Pro 4 offers the taste of remarkable craftsmanship, providing the solution for breakages and damages from falls. The real grip material and soft impact resistant soft core serve this purpose. The shock of any form can be quickly absorbed with this art. Storage is sufficient with the built-in pocket for pens and other smaller gadgets. The aluminum stand offers a portrait viewing position, with five angular positions for the purpose. The audio and the touch screen buttons are uncompromised giving access to the controls when shut. The unique shape, adds the elegance and style. This accessory has passed the military drop test standard when used with the Microsoft cover keyboard. For the lovers of the blue, that the color to watch.The UAG Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is featherlight to mitigate the damages caused by the bulkiness.

i-Blason Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Armorbox

iblason surface pro 4 rugged casei-Blason Microsoft Surface Pro 4 2016 Armorbox is a dual layered armored gadget offering the Surface Pro 4 a full body protection. The clear cut design allows for easy access to all control ports and buttons. The dual layer protective case offer both the interiors and the exteriors protection against sudden falls. No need of screen protector with this accessory.This feature accompanies the hard external shell to provide additional protection. The standard outer profile gives a taste of class and comfort. The kickstand feature allows for the access of the movies, typing mode, and gaming at an excellent position, with approved adjustments. Easy installation feature also makes it easy to install. In addition to the hard external shell, the lightweight feature makes gadget withstand drops and falls. The Blason Microsoft Surface Pro 4 2016 heavy duty model translates into the improved durability and quality. The accessory comes with different colors to chose. It is compatible with the original Surface Pro 4 kickstand for a convenient position while typing.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard


This probably the #1 accessory for the Surface Pro 4. What’s new with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover that it now offers you that experience for instantly unlocking your device by the use of the fingerprints. With this, you don’t have to remember the passwords all along. Preserve that for more important things. It is also convenient for other purposes like security for Windows Hello.The design of this accessory almost matches that of the traditional laptop keyboard for faster typing experience. The enlarged glass trackpad makes the controls easy. The trackpad also supports Windows touch gestures.The magnetic stability of the gadget allows the user to fold the device adjusting on different surfaces, to transform the laptop into a tablet instantly quickly. The looks of this Surface Pro 4 Keyboard makes the gadget classy and convenient to use in all events.

Kensington BlackBelt Rugged Case

surface-pro-4-accessoriesThe protection of Surface Pro 4 is of ultimate importance. The Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case is a high case, which has passed the military-grade MIL-STD-810G test against drops and fall. With this accessory, security is ensured even in the harshest environmental conditions. The hand strap is silicone made for easy sharing. The raised bezel and the type cover strap ensures the screen is free from scratches. Precise cuts ensure full control of the Surface Pro 4 when shut while allowing the use of pressing buttons like audios, jacks, and cameras. Additional pen holders ensure safe custody of the pen. The type cover is also designed to allow fast attaching and detaching of any Surface Pro 4 keyboard without removing the case. The accessory has also adopted the quick fold design for easy position adjustments.

  Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Leather Sleeve

surface-pro-4-sleeveThe Snug Leather Sleeve for Microsoft Surface Pro3/4 is a leather wallet made of quality PU leather exterior. It is attractive and classy in appearance. This feature makes it durable and very convenient for storage of the Surface Pro 4 gadget, especially in harsh weather conditions like rain. Nubuck fiber interior helps to protect your device from external forces like shock, drops, and falls. It also protects from scratches and scrapes. Additional storage features appear on the leather wallet like card slots and rear pockets. The closure is magnetic for compatibility function. The sleeve style makes the accessory easy and convenient to use and also enhances protection. For the lovers of brown leather cases, this is the one for you.

Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector

surface-pro-4-screen-protectorThe Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector is an easy to install accessory for Surface Pro 4, without the need for any tools. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions and knocks. Resistance against fluids like water and oil is a guarantee. The enhanced touch screen sensitivity is possible by a high quality ultra-thin transparent glass. The screen protector offers a High Definition 9H hardness 3.5 D rounded edge with easy installation steps in the absence of bubbles. Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector is anti scratch, and pressure resistant hence reduces chances of cracks. It is designed as an anti-fingerprint gadget and cannot leave traces of the fingerprints at al. Additionally, the package includes a leather case with stand folio for easy positioning while typing, gaming or watching videos. The case also coordinates with the screen protector in the auto sleep/wake mode, for standby purposes.

Surface Pro 4 Stand

surface pro 4 standEver wanted to work with your Surface Pro 4 on a desktop mode? Well, OMOTON Desktop Tablet Stand is a stable mount that holds your gadget intact without a possible effect of a slide. Nano-adsorption material enables this functionality. This material also makes it easy to clean the stand and does not fade quickly. The accessory is designed to adjust the tablet to different positions, hence watching content and typing is easier. To further avoid instances of slide and slip, anti-slip pad ensures that the device is safe from fall or any possible drop. The OMOTON Desktop Tablet Stand is lightweight and very durable. It is made of aluminum hence secure, adding a comfortable sense of touch and worry free feeling. The accessory offers complete compatibility. Most devices can easily mount on this stand. It is available in a wide range of colors to match your gadget. The OMOTON Desktop Tablet Stand

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Dock

microsoft surface pro 4 dockThe Microsoft Surface Dock is the accessory that transforms Microsoft Surface Pro 4 into a desktop personal computer.It was made to improve productivity as you connect to external monitors and projectors.The Microsoft Surface Dock offers a high-speed data transfer making it more convenient for massive content transfer. It has four high-speed USB 3.0 ports and an audio out port. It has two MDPs and 1Gb Ethernet port. For technology advancement, the surface connects cable magnetic.

Mini Display Port to VGA Adaptor


The Microsoft Mini Display Port to VGA Adaptor is a device that lets you share presentations, documents, and other media via projectors and monitors. It allows connections via the VGA compatible displays available in almost all projectors and screens.It is easy to use, and no technicalities appear, through plug and play. The cable fully supports both High Definition content and also Full High Definitions with 1920*1200 maximum resolution. With this accessory, business meetings, sharing content with friends or school presentations are much easier and classic.


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