Best iPhone 7 Cases Per Category 2017

Whether you looking for a slim or a wallet cover, waterproof or a tough case, or even a battery case to give you more juice, we review all categories here.
iphone 7 and 7 plus cases

iPhone 7 had taken the market by storm. T-Mobile US stated that this phone was its largest iPhone launch till date and had broken all the records of the first-day pre-order sales. Although it has created lots of hype, this phone is not cheap. The least you could pay for it is $649. It is wise and highly necessary to protect it with the case.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, both, have the premium quality design and top class features. It feels remarkable in hands. All these qualities are great but they make the phone more sensitive against the harshness of environment. Your phone becomes more vulnerable to get damage when fall. Depending on the iPhone 7 model you own, you can find so many different covers in the market that are made to protect your iPhone.

Versatility of phone cases allows the user to showcase their style. With diverse designs and features, the phone owner is able to protect the phone under different circumstances. The phone case that seems perfect on a game day, doesn’t necessarily suit your style in the office. Or the cover that appears suitable during the working hours may not look great in a party. Your iPhone 7 case choice is subject to your personality.

There are different cases that suit the needs of every person. We have categorized these covers accordingly and made the list of the best possible case you can own for any given classification. All these cases provides top notch protection to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

What is the best Slim/Thin iPhone 7  Case?

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What is the best iPhone 7 Waterproof Case?

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What is the best iPhone 7 Wallet Case?

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What is the best iPhone 7 Clear/Transparent Case?

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What is the best iPhone 7 Battery Case?

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What is the best iPhone 7 Leather Case?

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What are the best Rugged/Durable/Tough iPhone 7  Plus Case?

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What is the best iPhone 7 Armband/Sportband?

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What are the best iPhone 7 Screen Protector?

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What are the Best iPhone 7 Accessories?

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