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Google Pixel has hit the market with so much fame. Its distinguish features and beautiful design are stealing everyone’s heart. When you own such phone, it becomes highly essential to protect it with the phone cover so the environmental harshness doesn’t affect the phone. There are many Google Pixel cases available online and we have made the list of top few. Have a look; select your case and save yourself from extensive internet research.

1- Spigen Rugged Armor Google Pixel Case

google pixel case , google pixel xl case

Spigen made to the top of the list. Its Rugged Armor Case for Google Pixel looks really great with its glossy finish and carbon fiber textures. The size is perfect; it completely covers the phone and leaves the screen behind for hassle-free use. The case is light weighted and doesn’t add bulk to your phone. It is highly durable and has the ability to absorb shock from all around. Not only it protects phone, the case itself is fingerprint resistant. Cutouts and buttons fit well and maximize functionality.

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2-  Caseology Modern Slim Cover

google pixel case , google pixel xl case

Caseology is another name in our list.  This modern slim Google Pixel XL cover has the three-dimensional geometric pattern award winning that improves the overall grip and makes it anti-slip. The case has the nice and trendy design with all buttons give the exact same touch of the original phone.  Its dual layer absorbs shock well and keeps the phone protected inside. It is a strong and sturdy case that is ideal for everyday use.

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3- Lifeproof FRE Cover

lifeproof google pixel waterproof

With all the protection Lifeproof offers, their products always make to the list of the best cases on the internet. FRE Google Pixel cover is a heavy duty case. It comes with the indiscernible screen cover that takes the protection one layer above. It makes your phone water, dust, snow and drop proof. The cell can survive the drop of up to 2 meters. Even with providing high class protection, it doesn’t avert the phone operations a bit. With Lifeproof FRE, your phone is highly secure. Price for this amazing waterproof case is around $90 for both Pixel and Pixel XL.

4- OtterBox Commuter Series Case

OtterBox is known for making heavy-duty cases; their commuter series offers the high level protection but keep the cell light weighted. It is a two-piece Google Pixel case that guards against bumps, shocks and drops. All the ports are covered so no dust or debris could enter the phone. The case is not bulky and can slide inside and outside of the pocket with ease. This cover fits the phone exactly; the fitting is so well that it becomes hard for some to remove the case once it is placed over the phone.

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5- Zizo Bolt Cover

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When we are talking about best phone cases, how can we leave Zizo behind! Zizo offers a bit different case for Google Pixel. It provides military grade protection with great style. It comes in 10 different colors so you can express your personality. Furthermore, the built in kickstand is so strong that it supports phone easily. It offers multilayer of protection that guards the phone with all its functions performing efficiently. It provides all at very low price.

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6- Supcase Rugged Holster Case

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Supcase has jumped into the competition of making Google Pixel cover and it surpasses everyone expectations. This case provides ultimate protection – it gives premium quality defense from all kinds of bumps and drops. To even enhance the protection further, it comes with the built-in screen protector.  The design is awesome for the people who like sporty looks. It is light weighted and fits extremely well.

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7- Spigen Liquid Crystal Cover

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In the list of best cases, how can we forget the crystal case lovers? This time our crystal case is from Spigen. This Google Pixel crystal clear case keeps the beauty of your phone untouched. It fits perfectly over the phone and provides excellent grip. All the buttons allow full functionality of the phone. The cutouts are aligned extremely well thanks to the flexible material that keeps the cover slim.

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8- Caseology Modern Slim Case

Caseology gained the spot again in our list. This Google Pixel case has a modern design having three-dimensional geometric pattern. The cover is completely anti-slip and provides awesome grip. All the buttons of the cover give the feel of the original cell. It uses an advanced shock absorbing technology that protects phone from dents, drops, and shocks. In the hands, this case feels great and offers prime touch. It doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone.

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9- Maxboost Thin Case


maxboost pixel case

Another Google Pixel Case in our list is from Maxboost. However, this is probably one of the the slimmest cover you can have for your phone, which is sturdy and protects your cellphone from every angle. It gives almost the same feel as the original phone but guards it from all kinds of drops and shocks. The lips around screen and camera are slightly raised to keep the screen scratch free.  It has a very simple yet elegant design. The case fits well and allows full functionality of buttons and jacks. All the cutouts are also finely made to provide trouble free operations.

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10- Supcase Premium Hybrid Case

google pixel case , google pixel xl case

Because of the best performance and many happy customers, Supcase Google Pixel case has made into our list. It has a slim stylish design having crystal clear back. The sides are not crystal to enhance the protection of the phone even further. In its production, high grade TPU and PC materials are being used. It absorbs all kinds of shocks. On the front and back of the phone, elevated bezels are present so the phone remains scratch free. For the transparent case lovers, this cover guards the cell with style of your choice.

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Final Verdict

Finally, we reached the end. In our list, every case is the best; we have selected all these cases very carefully. Among all the cases, Supcase is our personal favorite because its prices are highly competitive but it provides ultimate protection.  However, Spigen produces the perfect Google Pixel case that’s why it is present in our list twice. In conclusion, No matter which Google Pixel case you will select from our list, you will get the maximum protection and great style.

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