Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

note 8 case

Want to keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 safe and protected? How about taking a look at the many Note 8 cases there are to offer?

Samsung users excitedly wait for the unveiling of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and for good reason. Launched in 2011, the Galaxy Note series has been a critical and commercial success, with it being regarded as the first successful “phablet” series in history.

Fans of the series are guessing that the screen will be larger than that of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but are hoping that it keeps the curved display. It’s also expected that the phone will possess a dual-camera system, consisting of two sensors of 12-megapixel each. A part from that, it’s speculated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will share much of its design with that of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and of course, we can look forward to the Note series’ iconic stylus being included.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

If you’re planning on buying a the might phablet you may consider getting a case for Note 8 to go along with it. After all, cases are a great way to protect your phone from damage or dirt, and accessorize your device with a little bit of color. Here are a few cases you may consider buying.

OtterBox Symmetry Note 8 Case

note 8 cases

Black and stylish, the OtterBox serves as a strong, yet comfortable, phone case. The double-layered material it consists of means that it easily absorbs the impact of a fall or collision, and its tight fit means that you never have to worry about it falling off your phone. The corners of the case have added depth, preventing your phone from coming into contact with any surfaces while lying down, keeping it away from dirt or scratches.

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Caseology Note  8 Slim Case

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Without an ounce of doubt, this phone cover was built for durability. It comprises of two layers, one made of thermoplastic polyurethane, and the other made of polycarbonate. These two materials combined enhance the shock-resistance of the case, and prevent dents and scratches. A coating on the case fights oil and grease stains, along with discoloration. Another interesting feature is the case’s pattern, comprised of third-dimensional wavelengths. This not only improves grip, but adds an aesthetically-appealing feature to the case.

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Note 8 Spigen Rugged Armor Case

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The Armor case consists of one layer of thermoplastic polyurethane, allowing flexibility for an exact fit, while still maintaining durability. Another constituent of this phone case is its carbon fibres, which strengthen grip, and reduce the chances of your phone falling out of your hand. Furthermore, the case covers the phones buttons, meaning that they are protected while you use them.

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Supcase Holster

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This model is well-suited for protection. The case has two layers made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, which allows elasticity, but still maintains a strong built that resists collisions. The case also has a protector for the screen, keeping away stains and scratches. Best of all, the case has flaps for the phones ports, so that they may be protected from dust or water when not in use.

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 Case-Mate Wallet Folio Case

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The Folio brings back the classic leather design that many of us appreciate and love. The soft leather acts as a cushion against any falls, and a small pocket in the inside allows you to store cards, turning your case into a wallet. This Note 8 cover is also flexible, adjusting according to the fit of your phone.

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 i-Blason Case for for Note 8

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It has a bold name, but also a bold design. The polycarbonate-based Note 8 case is reinforced with silicone, meaning that this phone is durable, sturdy, and great at protecting your phone from the harshest of drops. One interesting feature of the case is a little stand that flips out of the back, allowing you to prop your phone against any surface.

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Speck Case

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This case is a perfect example of how rubber can protect your phone. The rubber stripes along the back help enhance grip, and the soft interior and rubbery edges absorb the shock of any fall or collision. It has two layers for added protection, and can easily be taken off and placed back on your phone. The rubber is thicker around the corners so that it stops your phone from touching any surfaces, reducing the risks of getting it dirty. 

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Olixar FlexiShield Gel Case

Galaxy Note 8 coverGel-based cases are a popular choice for many. They combine the flexibility of silicone and the durability of crystal cases into one. The coating strengthens grip, and the light-weight makes it comfortable to hold. To finish it off, the corners of the bezel are raised, blocking any surfaces from coming into contact with your phones screen.

Shockproof Cover for Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case

This silicone case is very efficient in absorbing the shock generated from falls or bumps, and is both, durable and long-lasting. The corners of the bezel are raised so that you can keep your phone lying down without worrying about it getting scratched or dirtied by the surface. Overall, this case is a simple, yet reliable, way of protecting your phone.

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Note 8 Clear Case

note 8 clear case

It’s strong, it’s flexible, and it’s stylish Note 8 case. The cover makes use of a polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane combination to deliver a sturdy case that is impact-resistant. The corners have guards to protect against any dents, and the raised bezel means that your phone’s screen is safe from the dirtiest of surfaces. To top it all off, the case has a clear, crystal design that serves as an impressive addition to your phone.

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You’ve seen it for yourself; the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases come in various shapes and designs to choose from. There’s the strong, the durable, the flexible, the smart, and the stylish. Whatever you pick is entirely up to your taste. Tell us, which case you liked the most?

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