Best Samsung Galaxy A5 Cases (2017)

samsung galaxy a5 cases

Galaxy A5 cases are particularly important considering the plain design of the phone. They are not just made out to guard – they are fashioned with style in order to provide it with a lot of appeal and glamour. This is the main reason for which the majority of people put a lot of thought when purchasing one. However, as it is with quite a lot of different things, the market is overly saturated with different options and it’s hard to go through the tremendous abundance in order to pick a great one.

This is why we have taken the liberty of synthesizing a list of a few great options of the best Galaxy A5 cases that could potentially save you quite a lot of time and effort. So, without any further ado, let’s go right ahead and take a look.

1- Spigen Liquid Air

Samsung Galaxy A5 cases

This is a high-end case built with premium TPU layer as usual from Spinen, one of the best cases vendors world wide. This is something which would add additional protection while at the same time keeping your A5 smooth and stylish. The design is form-fitted in order to provide a slim profile and to keep the phone pocket-friendly.

The surface is matte which is going to ensure that there are no fingerprints left on it while at the same time ensuring the necessary comfort in your grip. It’s compatible with Galaxy A5 and it has a mil-grade certificate alongside air-cushion technology in each of the corners.

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2- Ringke Crystal TPU Bumper

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If you are looking for a case with a sleek design, this is the thing to consider. It provides an absolutely inconsiderable bulk when it comes to it and it is protected with the air-cushion technology in each of the corners.

This is a very slim and convenient bumper which is going to ensure high-end drop protection. It’s soft and it’s flexible while at the same time providing serious protection at the edges of your phone.

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3- Ringke TPU Bumbper

This is another perfect fit for Galaxy A5. It is made out of the highest quality materials and it is a premium PC & TPU hybrid case which comes outfitted with laser clean bumper in your choice of color.

The protection is additionally enhanced with 2x tough coating which is going to ensure that your phone is perfectly safe while at the same time delivering a minimal bulk to guarantee that everything is under the highest standards.

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4- Dwaybox Galaxy A5 Case

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This is a brand new design which is specifically fitted for Galaxy A5. Now, even though there is no built-in screen protector, the overall durability of the case is absolutely formidable. There is a built-in kick-stand which would allow hands-free viewing and which guarantees additional flexibility and convenience.

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5- Sipgen Slim Armor

This is another particularly convenient case for Galaxy A5 which is made out of dual-layer TPU cover and a PC back. BTW, we picked up this case was as one of best cases for Galaxy S8.

There is a reinforced kick-stand which is going to help you view movies and clips seamlessly while at the same time protecting the camera as well as the edges of your phone. As all Spigen cases, this one also comes with Air-Cushion technology as well as a mil-grade certification.

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6- EasyAcc Galaxy A5 Cover

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This is a custom made solution specifically designated to fit Galaxy A5. It is, therefore, going to keep the original shape of the phone and make sure that everything is held in the right place. It comes with matte finish in order to ensure that the appeal is overly sleek and that the case is fingerprint proof, so to speak.

It provides significant layers of protection and it comes with flexible TPU – it’s going to fit your phone like a tailor-made glove.

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7- OUBA Dual Layer Case

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This is another case for Galaxy A5 2017 specifically and it is not going to fit the 2016 model. It is a combination of both hard PC bacterial on the outside as well as soft TPU on the inside in order to ensure the dual-layer protection.

The openings are cut tremendously precisely in order to ensure the perfect fit. The installation is quick and easy. Your phone will be protected from drops and scratches conveniently.

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8- Nova Series A5 Case

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This is yet another case which is specifically tailored to fit the 2017 model of the Galaxy A5. It comes with a slim fit, very stylish and appealing design and it is going to bring a very minimal bulk to your phone. This is something that you want to account for. The installation is particularly easy and quick.

The cut-outs are specifically cut to provide you with full and easy access to all of the device’s functionalities.

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9- OUBA Galaxy A5 Defender

Samsung Galaxy A5 cases

This is another extruded case which is shockproof and particularly hardened. It also has a card slot holder. You can store one card in it.

The case is a perfect fit for the 2017 model of A5 so you shouldn’t expect it to fit the older one. It provides premium protection and it comes in a rather appealing design in comparison to the majority of the bulkier options. It offers shock-absorption, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint protective capabilities.

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10- Cruzerlite Galaxy A15

Samsung Galaxy A5 cases

This is a Galaxy A5 case which is specifically designated to protect your precious phone from different impacts such as falls, drops, shocks, dust, debris, scratches and others of the kind without adding a serious bulk to your phone.

It comes with two different materials – plastic back plate as well as flexible TPU edges for added convenience. The TPU bumper will cushion any fall, guaranteeing protection beyond comprehension.

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As you can see, there are quite a few different options on the market that you can take advantage of. Your choice would be mainly predicated on the overall style that you prefer and the protection that you need. This is why we’ve made sure to include a little bit of everything, so to speak, in order to ensure that everything is handled perfectly and as per the highest standards.

So it’s your turn now, which cover would you consider as the best Samsung Galaxy A5 case?

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