Best Huawei Honor 8 Pro Cases 2017

huawei honor 8 pro cases

Honor series from Huawei has so many amazing smartphones. With every new Honor phone in the market, Huawei reputation only increases. Now the new addition in the Honor series is the Honor 8 Pro; the direct competitor of Galaxy S8. This smartphone has gained five star reviews from the critics. As this phone became popular, makers of phone cases have jumped into the market with their respective phone covers. It is highly essential to buy a phone case with the phone to keep it safe. We have made the list of the ten best Honor 8 Pro cases so you can easily select one.

1- Ringke Crystal Clear Cover

Honor 8 Pro CasesRingke has made to the top of our list because of its perfect fit for the Honor 8. This case is available in multiple color bumper finish styles. This high quality case allows you to show off the beauty of your phone in style. Although, it provides perfect protection but it doesn’t add bulk to your sleek phone. From all the corners, it keeps the phone secure and save it from bumps and shocks. All the buttons and ports are fully accessible.

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2- Honor 8 Pro Case

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OFU has earned the second spot in our list with its new shell cover case. It is 100{da1e60e8455ad3e410818826780951c8f0db50937fa9a2c88feba4fb1c5c9654} removable and highly durable. This high quality cover keeps your Honor 8 Pro save inside. With this cover on, your phone gets no scratches or bumps. It fits the phone exactly and makes every cutouts and buttons easily accessible. The surface is wear resistant and has anti-sweat, anti-skid, and anti-fingerprint properties. It is one of the best Honor 8 Pro cases in the market.

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3- OMOTON Dual Layer Case

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Third in our list is OMOTION this time. This Honor 8 Pro case is the perfect fit for your mobile with no hurdle in putting the case on and off. All the buttons and ports are fully functional because of the sensible design. Its unique feature is its double layered protection. The interior is made from soft TPU and its exterior polycarbonate makes it scratch free. It provides full security to the phone in the case of any adverse scenario.

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4- Honor 8 Pro Shockproof Case

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When you are searching for the shockproof Honor 8 cases, then you should consider going for this case. It is exceptionally rugged to cover and protect your phone. The design is that simple and slim that you don’t feel any weight to your phone. Even with that much slim body, it keeps your phone fully secure. Its flexible TPU layer makes it dirt and stain proof. It feels soft in hands and able to absorb every shock.

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5- LK Luxury PU Leather Wallet Case

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Well, LK has introduced something for the leather lovers as well and we haven’t forgotten to mention it here. This LK case works in two ways. First, it adds additional support to your phone in case of any mishap. Secondly, it functions as a wallet and keeps your essential things safe in a single place with your phone. It can carry your phone, three credit cards and cash side by side. It has high quality soft TPU layer with magnetic closure.

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6- DWaybox Genuine Leather Case

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Again, the next case in our list is for the leather lovers. This specially designed Honor 8 Pro case is made from genuine leather. The best part here is that it doesn’t add bulk to the phone and is very light weighted.  The design is slim and increases the beauty of your phone many folds. It comes with the built in stand that lets you enjoy hand free viewing.

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7- XMT PC Hard Gel Cover

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If you are looking for simple, elegant but affordable phone case for your Honor 8 Pro, then XMT has what you are looking for. It is made by using polycarbonate and metal finger grip ring that can be used as the stand or ring holder.  All the cutouts are precise and make the phone fully accessible. It offers complete protection without any flaw.  The raised edges keep the screen and camera scratch free.

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8- Super Slim Cover

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In our list of best Honor 8 Pro cases, ELTD has gained the spot with this cover as well. This flip cover case protects your phone securely inside and keeps it scratch and bump free. Additional support is provided at the edges. The cover is extra slim but its support is super powerful. All the ports and button function exactly as they should be, with this cover on. The case is highly durable and made of high quality material.

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9- Honor 8 Pro Cases from OFU

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Because of the usage of high quality material and perfect design, OFU has taken another spot in our list. This case from OFU is super slim with beautiful design. It not only provides protection but also enhances beauty of your phone. It protects Honor 8 Pro against scratches, dust, bumps and drops. The application of the case is easy and simple. It doesn’t affect the controls of the phone and make all the function fully accessible. It comes in variety of colors so you can use your own favorite.

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10- OFU Ultra-Thin Case

Honor 8 Pro Cases

Last in our list is OFU again. This time, OFU appears with ultra-thin design but extra protection. The case feels amazing in hands and offers complete protection from every angle. It is quite easy to assemble and disassemble this case. The case remains clean and no fingerprint leaves its mark on the case. The interior is soft and made by using soft TPU material.

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Among all these Honor 8 Pro cases, you can select the one that suits your choice best. Our personal favorite here is OFU cases because they are pocket friendly and come in different styles and varieties. Other than that, LK offers good leather cases and going for the one is not a bad idea.


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