Best OnePlus 5 Cases and Covers 2017

oneplus 5 cases

The top flagship of OnePlus has gained good name in the smartphone users. With all the amazing features and awesome rates that competes with the likes of Galaxy S8, it becomes obligatory to save your phone from bumps and drops. Scratches also lower the beauty of your smartphone. With the introduction of this phone, so many companies have offered the protective cases in the market. To lower your search, we have made the list of best OnePlus 5 cases that you can buy now.

1- TUDIA Slim Fit Case

OnePlus 5 CasesTUDIA has earned the top spot in our list due to its perfect fit with style and quality. It provides enhanced dual layer protection fusing polycarbonate outer layer with rubberized TPU. It fits perfectly over the phone and doesn’t add bulk. It feels lighter in hand and keeps the slim profile of the phone intact. You can give your personal touch to the case by selecting the color of your choice.  The edges and lips are raised, precise cutouts, perfect alignments with high quality protection; all these things make it one of the best OnePlus 5 cases.

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2- Mangix OnePlus 5 Cases

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The second case in our list is super light weighted case from Mangix. This case is specially designed to add style to your OnePlus5 with maximized protection. This high quality compact case provides protection from all kinds of problems including abrasion, collisions, fingerprints, dust and scratches. It adds extra grip to the phone and improves handling. All the ports and controls are fully accessible and there is no need to remove the case. Soft TPU material is used to provide cushioning protection to the phone.

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3- Soft OnePlus 5 Cover

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At our third spot, we present KuGi to you. KuGi offers some of the best OnePlus 5 Cases. It is made from high quality soft material for the people who want to have soft touch cases. Although, it feels soft in hands but provides optimum protection in every adverse scenario in which the phone can be harmed. The back cover is scratch resistant. This flexible case is an ideal fit; it secures every corner of the phone with great care.

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4- Myriann TPU Protective Case

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MYRIANN is the next name in our list with its amazing OnePlus 5 case.  It is a decent cover that has the real shape of the cover.  It has a classic look with its beautiful navy blue color. The case is stain proof and holds anti oil properties that make sure that your phone shines always. All the buttons and ports are ideally fit. Speakers, camera and other function can be enjoyed at full. Overall, it is the perfect case for the people, who don’t want embellishments and sharp colors.

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5- Wallet Case for OnePlus 5

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Dux Ducis makes OnePlus 5 cases for the leather lovers. It is made from top graded synthetic PU leather that gives a velvet touch and feels soft in hands. It provides full body 360 degree protection and covers the phone completely. The security is enhanced with the embedded magnetic clasp. With this case on, your smartphone is well-protected even in the pocket or purse. It comes with the kickstand so you can enjoy hand free watching of videos or movies.

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6- OnePlus 5 Tough Kicktand Case

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This case from Yaileng deserves the spot in our list because of its tough looking design providing optimum protection. This armor cover has shock absorbing soft TPU inner layer with hard plastic shell outside. It comes with the foldable kickstand so you can put your hand at ease. Additional layer is present at the corner for enhanced protection at the time of drops and falls. All the buttons and ports are fully accessible with the case on. This case is for the people who like armor looks.

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7- OnePlsu 5 Flip case

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Feitenn is the next name in our list. Again, this is the case for the leather lovers. Premium PU has been used in its production. The front is protected by the hard coated plastic screen. The case covers the phone completely and provides maximum protection. The soft silicone side bars allows answering the phone call without opening the case. Speakers, microphone, camera, ports all are fully functional and accessible. The case auto locks the phone inside with its magnetic closure. The built in kickstand is also present.

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8- OnePlus 5 Otterbox Case

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Similar to iPhone 7 defender case, although a bit expensive but Otterbox has earned big name in the case making industry. It makes some high quality OnePlus 5 cases as well. With Otterbox on, you can remain tension free about your phone’s protection. It completely secures your phone from bumps, drops and tumbles. Its dual layer protection makes it absorb shocks more efficiently. Although, it is a heavy-duty case but it has a sleek design that easily slips in the pocket.

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9- Soft TPU Case

OnePlus 5 Cases

GBSELL offers something for the people who want to protect their phones without hiding its beauty. This transparent case matches the phone’s shape perfectly and showcases your magnificent phone. It is very light weighted and super thin and has a soft touch. It is dirt proof and comes with anti-knock feature. All the cutouts are precise and make your phone fully functional with this case on.

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10- OnePlus 5 Skin Cover

OnePlus 5 covers

Ozly FlexiCase is the last name in our list. It is highly durable and fits perfectly as it is laser cut. It is made from high quality durable material that secures your phone even in very harsh conditions. It offers great grip with soft feel and adds no bulk to your phone. The case is easy to put on and remove.    It makes all the buttons and ports fully accessible.

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All the OnePlus 5 cases we have selected here are the best to provide maximum protection to your phone. In our list, our most favorite is GBSELL Clear Protective Case because we like the actual beauty of the phone. Other than that, we like to go for DUX DUCIS Skin Pro Series Case or Otterbox Achiever Series Case the most.





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  1. I bought a skin from the gadgetshieldz they are awesome on my device. I gotta know about them in a review on youtube. The Ebony wood texture looks fantastic…

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