Best iPhone 8 Cases and Accessories 2018

best iphone 8 cases and covers

After the massively successful release of the iPhone 7, the excitement for the iPhone 8 is immense. Rumors are flying around concerning its specifications, and with each new announcement made about its features, the anticipation only escalates, so let’s dive into our list of the best iPhone 8 cases and convers on the market.

The Best iPhone 8 Cases

1- i-Blason Rugged Case


The ‘i-Blason’ case is tough, and well-built. It consists of two layers; one is made of polycarbonate, and the other of Thermoplastic polyurethane. This increases the cases durability, but also it makes it water-proof. The iBlason case is flexible, meaning that it is easy to take off, and place back on. The case also has a front cover, which protects your screen from scratches and marks while in use.

2- Otterbox Defender Case


Otterbox has always produced the best iPhone case for years. This model is sturdy yet elegant. Its consists of three layers, all which contribute to its longevity, and enable it to withstand most drops and falls. The Otterbox case is designed to cover the more vulnerable areas of your phone. It comes with a protector for the screen, preventing dirt or stains from ruining it. It also has covers for the phones ports, protecting them from dust or debris. The built in holster functions as a stand, allowing you to keep your device upright whenever you please.

3- Supcase Rugged Case


This SUPCASE model is an all-rounder, possessing several features that will keep your phone safe. The polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane layers maintain the cases durability, elasticity, and grip. It also comes with covers for the ports and screen, keeping away dust and stains. Furthermore, it has a stand that can be flipped out, allowing your phone to be propped up against surfaces.

4- iPhone Battery Case


This case is designed for wireless charging. It comes with 4 LED lights which indicate the battery level. The Maxboost battery case can boost your phone’s battery performance, increasing talk time and internet use by up to twice the original amount thanks to its 3200 mAh capacity. It also allows pass-through charging.

5- Supcase Unicorn Case


The design of this case is eye-catching and impressive. It’s smooth and slim. The back is transparent, but its edges are opaque and profound. This particular cover is advantageous, as the thick edges prevent the screen from touching surfaces, and getting dirty. Its polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane material is resistant to impact.

6- Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

spigen neo hybrid iphone 8The polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane case is slim, with an enhanced grip. It’s also transparent, and has a prominent shine. The bezels of the case have added depth, stopping the screen from touching any dirty surfaces. Additionally, it has cut outs for ports, and buttons that are easy to press. Overall, the Neo Hybrid has always been one of the best iPhone 8 cases ever.

7- iPhone 8 Wallet Case


The case can function as a wallet, providing slots for up to 3 cards, including credit cards and ID cards. Money can also be stored. It is slim in design, keeping a strong hold of your phone, and the strong grip stops the owner from dropping it.

8- Spigen Tough Armor

spigen-tough-armor-iphone-8-minThe back of this case has compartments for cards, allowing the case to function as a small wallet. The Mil-grade protection makes the case easy to fit in your pockets, while the Air-cushion application protect the edges of the phone. The case has two layers which serve to enhance its durability and strength.

9- Spigen Liquid Air Armor case


This case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane; making it flexible, and easy to take on and off. It’s slim and is comfortable to hold. Its engraved pattern adds to the design, while protecting it from fingerprint marks. On top of this, the case uses Mil-grade protection and Air-cushion technology to protect the corners of the phone from falls.

10- Caseology Parallax Case


This Wavelength series case provides military-grade protection. It has a slim design, and the linear pattern enhances grip. Its dual-layers consist of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, which are great for absorbing the shock of hits and drops, and boost durability. The case comes with covers for buttons, protecting them while you use them.

11- Speck Products Candyshell case


This Speck Products Candyshell case possesses rubber stripes which increases the grip, reducing the chances of dropping your phone. In the event that you do drop your phone, the double-layered, military-grade material resists any and all impact. The inside of the case is made of rubber, aiding in the absorption of impact from a fall. The bezel of the case is thick, keeping your phone’s screen from touching surfaces, and preventing your phone from sliding out of the cover, making it one of the best iPhone 8 cases on the market

12- Lifeproof case


The Lifeproof case has several features that make it a great case to protect your iPhone 8. For starters, the case is waterproof, and absorbs shock. It guards the screen from dirt and stains with a protector, and its tight seal keeps out any debris. It gives access to all of the phones buttons, and has a glass lens for the camera that prevents reflections from forming. In a nut shell, this cover is the best waterproof case for iPhone 8, period.


This wide selection is evidence enough that you will have no problem in finding the perfect case for your iPhone 8. While it’s hard to determine which one is the best of cases, you’ll find that each serves a distinct purpose, and adds to your phones aesthetics in its own way. It all depends on what you are looking for but I am sure, you will find one here as this list compiles the best iPhone 8 cases out there.

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